Ape Web Apps

Ape Web Apps is a collection of awesome and free HTML5 based web applications and games that you can play right from within your browser, with no plugins required. These free games and apps are optimized to work on devices of any size, from desktop to mobile. Ape Web Apps is provided as a free online service from Ape Apps.

Fail Sounds
War Sounds
My Land
Age Scanner
Pizza Chef
Troll Defense
Popping Bubbles
Pocket Obama
My Planet
Pocket Chewbacca
Stun Gun
Christmas Sounds
Animal Detector
Height Scanner
Blood Alcohol Scanner
Ocean Slot Machine
Turbo Tank
Run Pig Run
Pocket Arnold
Love Radar
Lie Detector
City Sounds
Siren Sounds
Balloon Tunes
Police Radar
Dog Whistle
Death Scanner
Naughty or Nice
French Police Lights
Animal Sounds
QR Code Generator
Pocket Lando
Ice Cream Truck
Air Raid Siren
Finger Paint
Bright Lights
Spirit Scanner
Fingerprint Luck Scanner
Censor Bleep
Halloween Soundboard
Age Scanner 2
Internet Speed Booster 2
Weight Scanner
Mood Scanner
Weight Scanner 2
Ninja Level Up
Dress Up Obama
IQ Scanner
Whoopee Cushion
Mood Scanner 2
Porn Sounds
Applause Light
Political Detector
Honeybee Hijinks
The Grid
Ape Punch
Monster Detector
Johns Fish Calls
Ape City
Ant Squash
Caffeine Scanner
Barrel River
Lucky Slot Machine
Police Lights
Insect Repellent
Dress Up Grandpa
Zoo Sounds
Air Horn
Lie Detector 2
Fart Machine
Gender Detector
Web App Core
Ocean Sounds
Halloween Slot Machine
My Business Empire
Talking Pirate
Musical Kittens
Likability Scanner
Cat Sounds
Zombie Radar
Electric Shaver
Level Up