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Nuclear enrichment???

What exactly does the enrichment faculty and alien enrichment version do? The description bits a bit vague. Does it produce nuclear or make it more effective?
if it's more effective does that mean less is needed to construct nuclear buildings or that it will generate more power?

The Uranium Enrichment Facility effectively doubles your Uranium over time. I assume the Alien version does it even better.
It does
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It Enrichs your current Uranium, thus creating more. Important Note: If you run out of uranium (due to building or whater) Then they will have no uranium to enrich and be useless until you mine or buy some more.
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Mine kept producing when my uranium ran to zero, but they probably kept getting some share of whatever was in production.
The Uranium Enrichment Facility uses 1 uranium and 1 alluminium to create 2 uranium.
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