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Beeping Sond

#1 2017-12-13 14:47:08
Not sure if this is a bug, or what. But I just just started playing, and I was trying to build the helium extractor. When suddenly, the game started making a high-pitched beeping sound.
I'm not sure if it's supposed to do this, but I was given no notification, indicating a warning of some sort. So I have no idea the origin of the sound.
If it's and alert of some sort, what is it for and how do I stop it. If it's not supposed to happen, please move this thread to bug reports.

Thank you for your time.
#2 2017-12-14 01:20:38
To make sure it is the game, go into Engine Settings and scroll down. Near the bottom is an option to turn off sounds or music. Turn off the sounds and see if it continues.
#3 2017-12-14 12:02:07
I was definitely the game, going to home screen stopped the noise. Going back into the game, it started again.
#4 2017-12-14 13:42:38
what kind of beeping sound? because i know the rovers all do emit a very loud beeping sound.
Especially when you forget your headphones are at max volume and their ear piercing acknowledgment sound goes off. :P
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