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floating/teleporting zolarg

#1 2017-12-13 20:59:43
I am loving this world! *distant explosion*
its really...quickly workers claim that land with ant paste!

just doing a little image here to show some strange stuff
you can see some of the workers...actually have teleported or magically floated over to islands...those islands weren't created from eruptions somehow they got over there.
as well as some of them standing on lava that was once normal ground.
also.....all the workers seem to keep constantly attempting to find new routes when they're blocked by lava constantly over and over again.........perhaps make em try once. then if the land chances make them try again? i kinda feel like thats how the teleport thing happens. the same can sometimes be seen on normal worlds...where rovers and workers seem lying stop rendering and teleport across the land
#2 2017-12-14 18:53:04
Thanks @Forcedminer it is certainly a work in progress. This is the first update to introduce a 'flying' class of units, so changes are having to be made to the pathfinding to support units who are bound to the ground and those that aren't.
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#3 2017-12-15 13:57:52
Happy to help. :) And i'll be sure to report any other odd things I find when playing.

I do think i seen someone on the forums saying rovers/workers seem to teleport when they're "offscreen."
I had seen it a few times where the little light they emit tends to teleport across large areas of map to a building site or ore node.

then they're like damn he can see me....better rerender myself

it reminds me of the Chrono miners. a ore miner from command and conquer that could teleport back to base once full.

I do like these updates being able to packup a base reminds me of that game as well
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