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Unexplained homeless spikes - Page 2

I refreshed my browser colony around 1915 GMT, and so far it looks good. I will upgrade a residence here in a bit to see if it triggers the cycle again as it has in the past.
After running for an hour and upgrading a Residential Complex to a Residential Tower (one of the things that seemed to trigger the pattern in the past)
That looks a lot better
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Thanks for finding a fix!
wile i am glad you fixed it other then the fact it did it there was no negative effect on my colony's that are well maintained .
There is one positive effect bast ( because they switched housing they also would be moving closer to the job they had making shorter comuit times .

Yeah it was effectively like having housing-only fire drills every few minutes and i never noticed a negative impact on my colonies either. It was still a bug though, and it made for ugly looking stats. Perhaps I can expand the fire drill in an update that allows you to do jobs only, houses only, or both.
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it fixed it for me too
Its me Lego.
So I'm having the same issue on the latest version. It only happens when I build a residential tower, it seems to dump all residents.

Playing the web version on chromebook.

Also, recently I have trouble keeping my colonist at 99% happiness. They are frustrated about being poor, even though I spend about 300 million per cycle on (living) wages.
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