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Place buildings over tiles.

now more so than ever on the lava world i find myself having to bulldozer away some pasted tiles to place a building down.
any chance a feature could be added to enable a player to place a building over pasted tiles?
just to save a tiny amount of time.
it could be the difference between claiming some tiles from lava with ant paste or not.
I was just thinking if this yesterday. The problem would be that in other worlds, and even in the laval world, if you were to go to build a building and you placed it over a well used road, it would obstruct the road and prevent colonists from getting in or out and you would waste resources selling the building in order to fix the mistake, or you would waste even more resources and effort trying to change that part of your colony layout. We don't want to be able to place buildings over our roads because the roads are a good guide for the colonists to walk on and they help you with building placement layouts. Without them blocking placement, you can make many more mistakes and it would be harder to keep a good layout for your colony.

Now, here's how we could fix the issue. Instead of using paste paths to block lava, we use another type of object to obstruct the spread of lava, maybe zolabrick barriers built with ore and mortared with ant paste, and that can be built over, and then we can keep the roads as is. I think zolabrick barriers would make more sense in blocking out lava than paste paths anyway.
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