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My colony 0.53 stuck on loading

version .0.53.0 chrome
main game page stuck on loading
Did hard reload stuck on loading ( deleted all browser stuff )
stuck on loading
when i first loaded the agme ( it did load as the new reptilians are in .
ps game has been loading very slow even in .52
same with antiquas loads but takes a wile ( 25 45 seconds
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at startApp (script.js:247)
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Your probly just in live update mod ( game now loading ( very slow ) 45 seconds load main page
There are a lot of potential issues on the Web version while I am in the middle of updating.
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I have been playing on the web version and I have been having the same problem
I've been having this problem with loading two of my worlds (I go into more detail in a post above this one which is now locked but you can still acces it) ,but it's on my android (version 6.0.1) galaxy A5 phone, not on a computer.
Update: (idk if this is what solved it but...) after I deleted the backup file fore the insectoid world and then tried to log in the world it didn't get stuck in the loading screen.
As for the reptilians, I just entered the world and it worked (I didn't have to do anything to it's game files). So it might have been that I tried to enter enough times that it eventualy worked.
I just posted a patch for Android (v0.53.3) to address some loading issues and a gamepad related issue, see if that helps.
Owner of Ape Apps, LLC
I still hear several ppl having this problem. Trying different browsers, cleaning cache or even using the native client. It doesn't work. Only mobile app.
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