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Game title screen won't load - Page 2

#11 2018-09-05 03:22:45
I seem to remember somewhere that the problem was caused by a windows 10 update around july when it started happening. You said you knew about it so I was just waiting for an update that might fix the issue. Has there been any progress on it? The native client straight up doesn't work at all since then. I'm trying to be patient, but its been about 2 months now since the game stopped working altogether @bastecklein
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#12 2018-09-05 04:31:16
I don't think it's a Windows 10 issue, otherwise we would be flooded with similar reports. Obviously this has to be something unique to your PC if its happening on all versions of the game and in different browsers. I do not believe it is a technical issue with the app, because if something as basic as not being able to get past the title screen was widespread, then obviously nobody would be able to play the game at all. And tons of users are on Windows 10.

Can you access the website? And the website? and ? One of the Ape Apps servers that is contacting the app is not getting through on your end, on the PC in question.
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#13 2018-09-05 07:29:32
I can access the my colony website and the game runs (albeit slowly) on chrome, I can access the ape apps account fine and also the market fine. I download the native client directly from the market and it doesn't open. All I can really say is that I updated the game and updated windows on the same day and suddenly the game stopped working at all. There was another post similar to mine that you posted on saying that it was a widespread windows 10 problem. I'll bump the post up, maybe its a different issue, but it was around the same timeframe on the same update about the same problem @bastecklein. I also do know several my colony players who still play on windows 10 with no problems, so It may in fact just be me and I can't play anymore. But there was an issue at some point, it may not have been fixed for everyone.
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#14 2018-09-05 07:39:41
I now have 3 people that have come to me regarding this.

Bast, any solutions?
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#15 2018-09-05 10:41:46
If you can't get past the title screen, can you look in the browser error console and see if there are any errors popping up?

These are tough to figure out when I cannot reproduce them and the error is just 'it wont load'!! Hopefully there will be something coming up in the JS console.
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#16 2018-09-06 02:47:04
The browser version can open and play games, it just seems that the game runs much slower on there. By that I mean it literally took me 6 hours to build something that took me 5 minutes previously. That's why I keep saying the web browser works albeit slowly. Is there an error console for the native client that I can take a look at to get you more information about it? I'm not really tech savvy so I don't know where I should go for the native client @bastecklein
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#17 2018-09-10 07:05:16
Is there a way I can give you the error data from the failed native client and ape apps launcher game startup? What can I do to help fix the problem @bastecklein

Edit: If it helps the Antiquitas game runs and opens fine but the my colony one does not open properly. Considering they work with the same game engine this might be a little strange. I don't really know, I'm just throwing stuff out that might be relevant.
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#18 2018-09-10 12:49:21
There really isn't a way to open the error console on the native client. Try to remove all of your files from the My Documents -> My Colony directory and see if the game will open then. You don't have to delete them, just move them off to a different folder for testing
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#19 2018-09-10 16:34:16
It didn't work. Well, I was going to have to restart the game again anyways to continue the game with regions mode. I also liked the native client over the web version as it seems to be faster, not sure if it's actually faster or it's just something I am biased towards. I will play the new regions mode on the web version in the next update. I hope that maybe in the future the native client is fixed though.
I saw that the ape apps launcher may be getting an error reporting system, perhaps something similar could be applied to the native client as well.
Thanks for taking it this far based on so little information and so few reports of it.
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#20 2018-09-10 18:08:20
Well the issue is that I have tested the native client on 3 Windows PCs, on linux, and on MacOS and it starts fine on all of them. I was hoping deleting the game files would help :-/ Have you tried a full uninstall/reinstall?

Also for Chrome performance, can you check in the engine settings if multi-threaded pathfinding is enabled? If you are talking about this map in your signature with 1.6 million people, single threaded pathfinding might be bogging it down to nothing.
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