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Remove education?

I like the idea of education for colonists but it's just not ready yet. They don't go to school even though I have 10 of each type of school, and then they protest and the buildings don't produce. Let's remove it so the buildings work again.
Do you have internet hubs?
It works fine for me and most ppl.
34 of them, 1 large park, 74 pubs, 4 hipster bars, 4 medium stadiums and 5 houses of horror.
And 10 of each type of school, as well as 57 green domes.
I've found that when i build up too fast and have an influx of new colonists, they take a while to actually gain iq and take the jobs. And when i build the new water production buildings noone will work at them because they don't have enough iq and so I run out of water and everyone dies. when i build up slowly and wait for my colonists to catch up i don't have the same problems.
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Again. They aren't going to school. Pretty sure this isn't a me thing, but a game thing. Also I shouldn't have to click 40 buildings so they produce stuff every hour.
I've just placed some of the schools and internet hubs around housing.
there'd usually be a bit of a wave of depression because of lack of education
but in time it sorts itself out.
just give it some time and see does the happiness graph change.
Yes, it goes down to zero but when the buildings stop working it goes to like 98 percent, then I have to delete all the buildings and make them all again. Annoying making the same buildings 10x a day.
I've noticed that even when education takes up 90% of the pie chart, only 3 or 4 people are at school. But when I look at the other reasons for complaint and fix them, the happiness raises drastically. So I wouldn't pay attention to the fact that education takes up the majority of the pie chart. For some reason, even though education appears to be the largest concern in my colony, the largest concern is always something else, and it's always something else that raises the happiness, not more education. So I just put enough schools to support the population and the jobs that I need people to fill and I disregard any other education complaint and tend to their other needs. My happiness level is usually 85-95 because of this method.

Also, some advice from an experienced gamer and a novice programmer. Just because a feature of the game doesn't work right away doesn't mean that it needs to be deleted from the game. Remember, the game is still in beta, so sometimes there will be bugs that break the game for everyone, and bast makes no guarantees that such a thing won't happen for at least a period of time. But as you can see, any game breaking bugs that have happened in the past have all been fixed.
Also, if we all voted to delete every feature in mc that gave us issues, then mc wouldn't exist, since there will always be errors with any new feature that you create within a program, it's just better to find those errors and fix them than it is the just throw away a feature that could make the game more valuable. It's no insult to say that even when bast adds a feature to mc, he ends up creating more bugs as well, because we all do, even skilled and experienced programmers like bast. But it's not how many bugs you make that affect the quality of a game, it's how many you are able to fix.

So be patient and watch how the education feature is fixed and improved over time, and it may be worth your while.
with my colony starting to age and alien buildings slowly getting closer and closer...
im really starting to notice it.
my colony has 1.5k of 3k people and despite the internet hubs,adult daycares and schools/colleges that are placed around approval is 39% with 87% people unhappy because they're uneducated.
suffice to say if it wasn't for the automated water pumps and potato farms they wouldn't be alive to protest about something they'll eventually solve themselves...or die.
things are looking fairly good for idle play i'll let it stew for a while and leave them to their fates...
approval is now 33% with 100% unhappiness due to education
3 small colleges are fully staffed with 25 teachers with 0 students all of them off duty most likely protesting. -_-
1 small high school also fully staffed no students. :/
4 small elementary schools fully staffed same.
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