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[FIXED]Education needs a rework badly. :/

image for what im seeing almost all the time now. :(

time and time again its the one thing that seems to smash my colony to a grinding halt
and its not due to a lack of it. i feel it needs to be reworked in a way.

i had a colony of 1,200 people and happiness was 98% with some minor fatigue
I expanded capacity to 1,400 and opened borders for 200 new colonists.

next thing i know food production from the fully staffed 225 food processing sweatstop stopped working
all 225 were off duty and 100k worth of food was all gone!

i checked happiness and from a steady 90% it had dropped right down to 22% and people were dropping dead from hunger.
there is 1 of each education building but the end game one and even the teachers are on strike.
and there was only 1 or 2 students in these buildings.
the teachers whos jobs it is to teach people are on strike because people aren't smart??

I've taxed people to zero cash then dropped 400 dollars onto the colony for each of them and happiness goes up to 40% then right back down again with some people going from 100% happiness right back down to 0%

Long story short I thinking something is broken in education and i think it really needs a rework or temporary disable because its grinding my colonies to a really strange halt time and time again.
I have education buildings of each tier.
Its been fixed.
thanks to the v0.74.0 update all the schools i've made are full and low education unhappiness only happens for a while then everyones glad and back to work!

Thanks bastecklein! ^^
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