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All waste management systems stop working

After updating to v0.75.0 I noticed a serious bug. All of my waste management systems (a small & medium recycling center and an incinerator) stop working after trash hit zero and then don't start up again. My trash reached 20k before I noticed this. My Colony keeps giving me "Trash depleted" notifications, despite the high level of trash in my colony.
Build 0.75.0
uhm, yesterday i have noticed too a "strange" trash level, but i have increase the population a little bit (from 0-5k all the time, 150k-200k trash all the time). In any case, with 4 incinerator i have solve (i hope :D ) the problem.

(win 10, ape launcher app, 0.75, LIS colony)
I also had the "trash depleted" notification when I had a lot of trash, that was yesterday. Today they seem to be back to working, and my trash is actually depleted.
What I am seeing since upgrading to 0.75.0 (Windows 10) is that the trash consuming buildings seem to work until they have consumed all the trash, then they stop working (or work less well) until I add another trash consuming building. Activating and deactivating the buildings does not seem to correct the problem.
I've the exact same problem as dlhitzeman, except I'm seeing it on the Steam version.
Me too, on Mac.
Version 0.76 , Website.
On Chrome my incinerators aren't working, but my recycling centers are still running according to the stats. On android it appears to be working, but incinerators don't show the text poppers unless they're newly built.
I am experiencing the same issue as everyone else, trash gets depleted then the waste management stops working all together. Nothing fixes mine, I have to constantly delete the old ones and rebuild again if I want to have my trash managed. It's frustrating and time consuming, not to mention the wasted products trying to manage my colonies wasted products.
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Has the dev been by to check these? I have noticed a lot of these bug reports with no feedback from the developer.
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My Colony

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