Amorphus said:[quote=nunez499]why do you only think about the premium ppl who use regions

Honestly, the whole point of this conversation was to discuss whether it would be practical to have a way for former non-paying players who have already become paying players to turn their original single-map colony into a region colony, so this discussion only relates to those who wish to do so. It doesn't relate to those who already have region colonies, but to those who wish to have a region colony built off of the existing single-map colony that they have now.

In truth, I appreciate the non-paying players just as much as I do the premium players, it's just that I like to talk about regions because it's a concept that I had suggested before many times and I want to see it grow as it's developed. I'm not saying that my suggestions were the cause of regions being put in the game, I really don't know what moved bast to develop regions, it's just something that I've wanted to see in the game for a long time. Back when I programmed with java, I would always like to experiment with the inception-style concepts like infinite terrain, maps within regions within planets within systems within galaxies, and other fun stuff.[/quote]