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How to properly market your goods and profit.

This'll be quite a read but it's worth it, the applications seem lengthy at first but after learning this it only takes me 4 minutes to make my calculation.
I noticed that the online market is, well.... Horrible. People putting "buy-posts" for capital (goods and raw material) for 10 times their worth and selling them for 1/10th their estimated price. It's an insanity! How could a market survive or have any attention paid to? So, I spent about an hour and came up some really good ideas and directions to make marketing your goods much easier and more profitable.
First off, let us address the lack of ease in setting up a proper price and this can be done with these few steps on a couple of simple equations:
First off, start with the equation S/100=X. This equation will allow you to find an important variable that is used in the next equation.
The variable "S" is the amount you wish to sell or buy, this is the total. Before you just put a random price up hover the cursor over the specific good you wish to sell or buy, a box should pop up over that specific good and should tell you the estimated price. If this isn't how much you want to sell, you'll have to reduce the total product in parallel to the price, I'll show you how to do this.

100 is the individual group units that multiples the price per unit. You divide S by 100 to get X which is a variable used in the next equation to find the price per unit.
Alright, I want to sell most of my gold, not all of it though. I have a total 10,229,369 units of raw gold, the estimated price of this capital is $7,841, 286,420. I want to sell 9,000,000 units and as an effect I have to reduce the price. To find his difference I must subtract 9,000,000 from the 10,229,369, the difference is 1,229,369 units. Then you must find the percentage, do this through the equation P=D/O. P being the percent, D being the difference between the original total and the new, and O being the original total.
P= 1,229,369/10,229,369
You'll get the quotient 0.12. Move the decimal over twice to get the percent, 12%.
Now use the 0.12 to reduce the $7,841,286,420:
7,841,286,420 x 0.12= 940,954,370.4.
Then subtract that from 7,841,286,420 which is 6,900,332,049.6.
Nobody really cares for the extra numbers past the 900 million, so just drop it down to 6,900,000,000.
It makes the price look like it is much more than it is and people skip over it sometimes.
I would typically reduce (or multiply if I am buying) the found price by 10% at the minimum or a maximum of 40% to keep ahead of my competition and opening my market more to others, otherwise it could become a dead void and stay there forever. No one is every that desperate to destroy their economy just for a bundle of resources they could eventually get on their own.
Because this is gold and the market for gold isn’t that big, everyone that has that much coin already has way more gold, and well.. Who would ever need it? Aim the price at the noobies, I'll reduce it by 70% price. I can afford this because I have a huge gold production system and this will not damage my economy because the production is much faster than any source of consumption.
This 0.7 reduction of 6,900,000,000 is 4,830,000,000. Find the difference. The difference is $2,070,000,000. Now put this into the original equation we were talking about, S/100=X.
9,000,000/100= 90,000. Bring the X variable (90,000) to the next equation:
T/X=P This is to find the price per 100 units.
T represents the Total price you wish for your goods to be sold for, X is the variable from the previous equation, and P is the price per units.
2,070,000,000/90,000= 23,000. The price per unit is $23,000 per unit.
Place these variables into the sell slots and bammer, you got it. Sadly, I don’t have enough civics to sell this. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions.
O.o I just sell at what the market suggests in a quantity that is useful.
example. 5k crystal at market price. everyone needs it for ................................. reasons
or the ant paste at random quantities
Hm? I never got any suggests. Then again, this is on multiple platforms and I just saw a guy trying to sell 1,000 chips for $10,000,000,000. Maybe he doesnt get any suggestions either.
I always sell very large bundles for a higher price than smaller amounts because the service, that my colony offers is to generate the civics, so the customer doesnt have to. My whole colony is specialized on civics generation. The customer doesnt only pay the goods, but the 10 million civics too. That makes the deal fair. And its otherwise pretty hard to get bundles of 100 million to 2 billion units of aluminum - so it works :)
I don't know about the math for that it seems fairly complicated but I will say for gold I would say it's worth about 15000-18000 lately some one has been destroying the value. I always stay within the range of 15000-18000 if I can. I generally decrease price per unit the more I sell however. But I always sell at a constant fixed rate that way my sales do not kill the market. Also I generally sell in regular quantities. 10k-100k
For the Crimson fleet grows closer.
2 billion AL ??/
40 billion Al!
Its me Lego.
one way massive prices of items or stock could be dealt with is the way runescape runs its player market...ahem the G.E. grand exchange.
simply put instead of selling in bulk and having it expire a player can request or sell an amount and the game would seek out different offers to fill it.
so if a player was looking for 10k chips
and there were 2 offers of 5k chips it would bundle them together to fill the players order and pay the appropriate party/s the correct amount.
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