Seeing a lot of unhappy players. Long term players. Give me a chance is all I ask. We don't all leave.
Playing this game just now. I die. Spectating this dude and he's hiding. Our teammates goes down. He's still not moving, I refuse to leave. He's still not moving. I hear foot steps. He's still motionless. Foot steps die down. Thinking of leaving... Dude is not helping. (Or so I thought).. But I don't. Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

He goes and grabs my tag. Grabs team mate tag. Hides again. Waiting. Waiting. He sprints for the respawner. Makes it! Brings us both back. Legend!
The most exciting spectating I've ever done.
Cheers to you dude.
Just saying don't give up on all of us newbs. I'm still learning. 3 hours in I have 1 kill. I'm trying.
Just wanted to say that and thanks to the veteran who didn't give up on me.