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IT industries ideas Vol.4! (Final Part)

#1 2019-08-10 13:27:16
Hello guys!

This’ll be the last part of my ideas.

This time I’m going to focus two things - How to make use of softwares to optimize productions, as well introducing another new late-stage resource - Qu-Bits (qb) (literally quantum bits), and apply it into Second Generation Alien Tech (2GAT in short).

New Resource - QuBits
(Credit to @Westy266)
Ancient alien make use of quantum technoloy for computing, using these QuBits as basic unit for computing, which one Qubit equals to 1 gigabyte, giving more computing possibilities.

New Techs
Mass Data Management - Learn how to manage more data and utilize your internet for industrial production management.
Quantum Computing (all civilizations) - Discover how the Ancients uses quantum in computing (still in prototype stage), which are one million times more efficient than binery computers.
Second Generation Alien Tech (all civilizations) - The Ancients haven’t fully apply their quantum computing technology into industrial productions. Now it is up to you to find out how to apply them and bring an new industrial revolution of alien tech.

Human Buildings
Smart Tree Farm - Make forestry no longer done all by hand! And boosted production.
Smart Ore Refinery - With semi-automated machineries, some uranium alloys (but still steel) can be mass produced.
Smart Microchip Factory - Making more high-quality chips with fine computers and smart machineries connected to online quality control system.
Smart Bank - Provide more banking services through online means.
Smart Gold Synthesis Lab - Utilized with softwares, less ore are wasted and more gold can be synthesized.
Smart Charcoal Compactor - Wasting lots of space for low-efficiency charcoal-into-ore production is no more! It can convert a lump of charcoal into something more!
Quantum Server - Ultimate server. Provides tons of bandwidth and tons of software storage. Also stores some QuBits. Requires water for cooldown.
Quantum AI Brain - This quantum driven AI will produce a great mass of softwares using QuBits. Requires lotta of water to cool down.
Quantum Computer - Produces some QuBits while consumes lots of chips and water.
2nd Generation Aluminium Generator - This is the perfect upgrade of its old model. The production speed is boosted by 25 times and can be operated without workers. Consumes steel and qubits.
2nd Generation Ant Paste Synth - Using quantum computing, it can calculate the best recipe for making the most pure and largest quantity of ant paste, out of trash, sugar, and atmosphere (of caz, with some qubits).
2nd Generation Antanium Synth Lab - Using quantum technology, manufacturing tons of antanium more thsn the insectnoids’ traditional method will be possible - Using ore, gold, steel, and sugar.

Zolarg/Insectnoid Buildings
Smart Chip Foundry - To make a complicated microchip manufacture process faster and better, some automations are applied and robots are used.
Smart Blast Furnance - Using the automation-controled blast furnance to produce more antanium than the old stone age antanium furnance. Robot operation applied.
Smart Paste Tank - More ant pastes can be produced when the ingredients are keep well in the automation-controled enviornment.
Automaton Assembling Yard - Somehow they figured out how to build the most crude robots (automaton), but these bots get the job done. Automatons are built out of some quanitity of wood, antanium and chips.
Auto Ore Scrubber - Make ore scrubbing more efficient and require no workers!
QuBit Cube - Insectnoid device for producing QuBits.
Quantum Pillar of Processing - Insectnoid version of quantum server.
Quantum Totem of Automations - This unholy totem will make softwares under the worshipping of automation cultists!
Smart Wet Cone - Automaticaly seek for the richest water source and pump water from them.
2nd Generation Sugar Cloner - Magic of quantum and computing will flood your colony with mountains of sugar - beginning from one granule of sugar.

More ideas?
Comments Please!
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#2 2019-08-11 05:03:24
The content you created here is awesome! I'd love to see that in MC, as I already enjoining the Bandwith and the Software.
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#3 2019-08-16 23:18:12
To expand the playability I wish the 2nd Gen. Alien Tech is implemented (^ω^)
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
🚩Assembling all creative ideas!

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