H3110 guys!
Generals on the call!

This time I’m trying to do Insectnoid troops here.
BTW @bastecklein, it’s already a long time you haven’t update this game :p

Tier 1
  • Riflebug
    Basic long-range infantries for Zolarg forces.
  • Muncher
    Rapid, strong melee units of trained orebugs that bites the foes with their strong jaws.
  • Caterpillar Riders
    Zolarg light cavalries for scouting.
Tier 2
  • Pikerbug
    Zolarg anti-tank infantry equipped with Piker-IV anti-tank rifle. Also effective on infantries and air units.
  • Behemoth
    Zolarg heavy infantry. Slow but it’s an effective meat shield.
  • Sandworm Squad
    They hide and move underneath and invisable to the foes until they attack. Sutible for ambushes.
  • Beetle Riders
    Zolarg heavy forces of cavalries that can eliminate threats quickly in a clean cut.
Tier 3
  • Phantombugs
    Zolarg ranged infantries with unholy magic powers.
  • Bugzilla
    A horrifying bioweapon of Zolarg forces - It’s a gigantic beast.
  • Unholy Legion
    Ultimate melee infantries of Zolarg forces.

Tier 1
  • Hoggy
    Well, it’s just a Zolarg version of a 4-wheel Buggy. Has sugar-burner engines and equipped with a simple explosive launcher.
  • Zolarg Landship
    Insectnoid outfashioned yet cheap crude tanks. And surprisingly they just look like tanks in WWI.
Tier 2
  • Zolarg Field Artillery
    Traditional artilleries (not the self-propelled one) that tosses explosives into the sky and fall, and boom.
  • Scorpion
    Zolarg rapid light meches that makes up the major armoured forces of Zolarg Empire.
  • R.O.O.T.
    Wooden meches of Zolarg armored forces with average performance. They are not made of ordinary wood, but from 500-year-old megatrees.
Tier 3
  • Unholy Golem
    An unholy heavy mech, or sayin’ a massive unholy manmade half machine creature, which has impressive all-round strength.