Hi, guys!

For the whole day, now, the average health of my colonists has been in the high 20s. It's risen from 28 to 30 over the course of six hours or so.

The reason for why it's so low is that some weird sickness came over the colonists, suddenly. Their health plummeted from 100% to the 10-20% range. Now, as expected, I added extra hospitals, in addition to the well-spread ones I place as the game develops. That kind of halted the massive decline at 28%, but it didn't actually improve things.

I had more than 35,000 colonists (which has now dropped by more than a thousand), basically all of whom stopped working. Despite terrible approval and health rates, no one was protesting, which is odd, but everyone was constantly off-duty, either relaxing or simply idling. This includes the medics.

So, here's what I don't understand. The decline halted at 28%, and has improved by about 2% in six hours. Therefore, the suggestion is that people are being healed to a degree, right? However, the medics aren't working. I've only seen three medics on duty so far. They're not getting healed, and neither is anyone else. People just keep dying. Stimulus packages only cause the briefest of improvement in approval. My colony is stuck in a rut, and I don't know how to get out of it. It seems like I just have to let everyone die, then bring new, healthy colonists into the game once the population is completely depleted.

How do I get medics working again? How can they even be healed if no one else is on the job to work on them? Since the entire population is basically permanently off-duty, food has steadily declined, and I'm having to import food constantly. Water is fine. I oscillate the atmosphere between 9 and 13 million.