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Corruption Gameplay

Hello guys.

Corruption of the insitutions and governance systems is always a challenge in real life.
This would bring us a new gameplay for My Colony - Corruption and Reform.

It won’t get very complicated in terms of concept.

Corruption generation depends on how many politicians/arbiters in your colony. The more politicians/arbiters in your colony, the faster corruption rises.
Arbiters generates more corruption than politcians.
Corruption Threshold Value is the ‘amount’ of Corruption you can ‘hold’, it prevents corruption causing major troubles to your colony. Once exceeding the value, your colony will begin losing resources, especially money that losses at a higher rate.
Most government buildings provides additional Corruption Threshold Value.

To bring down Corruption value, you can use some anti-corruption acts, available at capitol and consulates (and equivalents from other civilizations).
The first way is launching Structural Refrom. This way consumes civics. Reduces all corruption at once, but civic cost is multiplied in the next use.
Another act, available earlier, is the Position Replacement. It requies more civics than the first one, but it does not have a multiplier, the cost only depends on how corrupt the colony is.
If you have a sufficient number of security staffs in the colony, there’s one more action you can do - Wipeout Operation. Costs much less civics to take down corruption, but with a consequence, a random number of colonists will be deported away.

Hopefully you’ll like this idea!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
Here, are the ideas of buildings that increases the Corruption Threshold Value by a massive amount.

  • Insitution of Corruption Investigation
    Corruption corrodes the society. So for the continuation of prosperity and the society itself, a insitution like this one is needed.
  • Independent Inspectors
    Inspectors are hired from here to investigate potential cases of corruption. These inspectors have no linkage with the government and upholds fairness, you can trust their reports.
  • Temple of Probity Guardians
    Greed is a sin, and the sin is especially harmful to the communal society of the Insectoids. The Probity Guardians will manage punishing those corrupted. While it also promote moral principals to the public.
  • Overseer’s Office
    The Overseers specialise inspection of corruption on Arbiters, to prevent their power overrunning the Draconian lords.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.
I would love to see this be added. Having a more political my colony wouldbe cool
Imperial Monarch
i like this

Go away.
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