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Probably a game like Advance Wars?

2021-02-05 13:24:05

As someone might know, Advance Wars was a classic of turn based strategy game.
Probably its gameplay style can be used to create another game featuring events in My Colony Universe or something else. I have seen there are some recent PC games, notably Wargroove and Tiny Metal, are inspired by its gameplay style, and these games hits the interest of a number of players.
Even in mobile platform, I can find another game with similar style as Advance Wars, called Petit Wars (but differs from Advance Wars in terms of a larger variety of units, and the buildings upgrade system...). It would worth trying this game a bit if you would like to have a rough concept of what gameplay style it is.

Alright, let me present further details about my ideas.
The game could be related to Earth Reunification War or post-Human Civil War conflict. I have ideas naming the game as "Warfare 2051" or "Colonies in Conflict" respectively, depending on the storyline preference.

If I am taking post human civil war events as the example, the game might look like this.

Probably we can do that with the engine of My Empire, just don't know how many modifications has to be made, though.
Making it 2D can be another choice as alternatives that puts less performance issues on devices.

So, what do you think?

I have actually created some more models than shown in the image attachments. If anyone is interested in my amateur level voxel models, tell me and I will put a zip file containing them.
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2021-02-09 18:51:50
Yes, I love it.
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2021-02-18 02:41:57
Drafts on possible backstory.

<Warfare 2050>
The early 2050s was another dark age for humanity, although it did not last for centuries. The humanity struggled in the aftermath of the global crisis years ago which had put an end to all the governments in the world. Peace and order, unity and ethics were abandoned, what had replaced them were anarchy and endless barbaric conflicts.
However, competition for world domination was not ended with the downfall of nations. Countless factions began scavenging weapons and military assets left by the fallen governments and fighting each other in countless bloodbaths. Within an year and two since the Grand Collapse, the new powers had risen.
In the year of 2054, a future-defining global war had broke out - the Earth Reunification War, a largest ever conquest of the era started by United Earth Movement. A war to reunite the Earth, a war to bring peace and order, stability and prosperity to the world. A war to end the dark age, a war to begin the next golden age of humanity. A war to put the end to anarchy and warlords, a war to rebuild the world order. A war for the world, and against the rest of the world.

Among all the powers, the United Earth Movement (UEM) had shown the largest determination to restore peace and order of the world. With asset support from the dissolved United Nations, they set foot on Eastern parts of North America and half of the Western Europe. Over the years, they were preparing for a global conquest to reunify the shattered humanity - Under a single global government.
Opposing the United Earth Movement was the Global Anarchist Alliance (GAA), formed by many unorganized anarchists across the globe. They were dedicated to prevent the formation of any forms of government, especially a global one, from ruling them, to protect their so called "freedom" and "nature of humanity".
One of the supernovas in this era was an new nation only known as Titania, which had expanded quickly from the Balkans to the Eastern Europe, conquered large territories with their highly organized army. They were seemed bonded to an ancient pantheon religion.
Another religiously bonded faction was the Cult of Ignis, which had large influence in Africa and Middle East regions. They were gasoline cowboys and raiders, who worshiped a trinity of fuel, air and engine.
In a world of conflict, the Grand Mafia of Deathlock Clan, led by the notorious Karl Oddjack took their chance and controlled a large area of the southern globe and created a criminal empire that the sun never sets.
Meanwhile the Frostbite Corsairs were the rivals of the Deathlock Clan. These pirates roams around Arctic and Antarctic regions and were terrors to people who lived on coasts near the two polar regions of the globe.
Since the downfall of governments, the situation in Asia was far more complicated than before - many nations were divided into various Warring Kingdoms of Eastern Warlords (or simply Eastern Warlords). Some warlords gained large influence in the region with their naval superiority.
The Siberian Warlords, remnants of Russia, were still a constant threat across the Eurasian continent. Despite pushed back into deep Siberia by Titania, they were constantly conquering territories with their brutal armies.
The New Church was a new feudal confederate based on the Christian religion. Having the least lands and power among all powers, however, they had a formidable navy in the Mediterraneans and fanatical crusaders in Italy which had not only ensured their survival, but also the potential as a new rising empire.

<Colonies in Conflict>
An interstellar saga of the post Human Civil War galaxy.
The borders between United Earth and LIS are under intensifying conflicts due to colonization race and competition for power, despite with the Treaty of Hoxton promising peace between 2 human civilization. Meanwhile, the war between Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians has never put to the end, due to their own respective national reasons - one for their ethnic dignity, another for restoring their national pride.
When the 4 major powers are troubled by their own problems, a new galactic conspiracy is incubating in the shadows - The schemes of the New Galactic Empire to ("once again") control the Galaxy. This is a galactic crisis, a secret war across colonies and planets, which will not only be a matter for the 4 major powers of the Galaxy, but also ancient civilizations, and...... a gang of Twilight Syndicate outlaws?

  • <United Earth>
    Although won strategically in the Human Civil War, people of United Earth (especially in the General Assembly) is not satisfied with the outcome of the war, which LIS successfully threatens the integrity of this interstellar republic with the aid from Zolarg Empire. In the aftermath of the war, United Earth has put heavy efforts on suppressing the development of LIS.
    Meanwhile, they are also aware of the threats from the expanding New Galactic Empire, the Security Council is keeping an eye on this new mysterious enemy.
  • <League of Independent States (LIS)>
    As a new-found civilization formed by breaking away from United Earth, the League of Independent States is on struggles of its survival - The Treaty of Hoxton has limited their development and make them vulnerable to further suppression from United Earth.
    Although they have assistance from their ally Zolarg Empire, their resources and strength are still not enough to secure their development. Now, they are looking into new cooperation with the Twilight Syndicate who can help LIS establish a black market network that can bypass the Treaty. However, the Twilight Syndicate asked for something in return...
  • <Zolarg Empire>
    The Zolarg Empire has been dedicated to revive the Insectoid civilization and elevate it to a new level. However, they are still on an uneasy path. Not only they are at endless war with Alpha Draconians, their involvement in the Human Civil War and alliance with LIS have created diplomatic problems when negotiating with United Earth.
    Recent Alpha Draconians activities around the center of the galaxy has worried this Insectoid civilization, assuming they were trying to stage an attack from another side. The Emperor has decided to launch a military campaign on the center of the galaxy personally, however, they haven't understand the situation here, eventually being drawn into the vortex of this new galactic crisis...
  • <Alpha Draconians>
    The galactic influence of Alpha Draconians declined since the end of the Human Civil War, troubled by many problems internally and externally. The internal political instability, corrupt governments, unsatisfied nobles, Insectoid threats, more slave uprisings, and especially, the rising New Galactic Empire is slowly leeching the strength of this once invincible Reptilian empire.
    The recent moves of the New Galactic Empire have finally caught special attention of the Inner Circle. To respond this new threat, the Inner Circle assigned Lord Gamma Lizarstone to reveal the schemes of the new enemy.
  • <Twilight Syndicate>
    Twilight Syndicate is one of the largest group of free roaming freelancers, mercenaries and outlaws in the galaxy. As a freeman organization, they are a strong rebellion against the galactic imperialism of the powers (and of course, the Galactic Empire), although sometimes they are willing to help the galactic powers competing for galactic supremacy a bit (otherwise how they are going to survive with just little income?).
    Twilight Syndicate is going to expand their business into territories of Alpha Draconians, yet they will need some help from someone. They have persuaded LIS to provide military assistance for their plans, but the plans have unexpectedly brought both themselves and LIS into a new galactic crisis.
  • <Atlanian Kingdoms>
    A minor but old civilization well known for their culture, wisdom and peacefulness, which their kingdoms widespread on aquatic planets across the galaxy. For a very long time, they have always remained their neutrality in all galactic affairs and conflicts.
    However, for this time, neutrality is not an option - the New Galactic Empire is throwing an invasion on their homeworlds. With no other choice to protect their own peaceful dominion, they have decided to help Alpha Draconians on counter-Empire operations.
  • <Pharan Tribes>
    Not only the Reptilians witnessed the disappearance of The Ancients. The Pharans, who once had a thriving civilization, was one of the allies of The Ancients. These remnants of Pharan civilization were drawn into the vortex of the secret war as they have been holding some lost secrets of The Ancients, which is what the New Galactic Empire is looking for...
  • <New Galactic Empire>
    The New Galactic Empire, although not yet in an "Galactic" scale, aimed to restore the glorious ancient empire of The Ancients. The Empire emerges from the center of the galaxy since the Alpha Draconians begin declining, in unknown ways they are able to spread influence and claim new territories without traces of their diplomats and military.
    The Empire has recently recruited a new talent. The knowledge and technologies brought by this new talent exceeded that of the Old Galactic Empire, which has greatly accelerated the development and expansion of the Empire. However, this new talent has a secret agenda......
  • <Xeno-Dimensional Invaders>
    There are rumors of abnormal quantum activities detected in many locations across the galaxy. There are even reports of unidentified objects and people near those abnormalities. Who are they? What are their aims?
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2021-02-19 09:22:16
Voxel models for the Colonies in Conflict scenario.......

Here are some samples of United Earth stuff.


UE = United Earth.
LIS = League of Independent States.
ZE = Zolarg Empire.
AD = Alpha Draconians.
AK = Atlanian Kingdoms (not the AK sub machine gun lol)
PT = Pharan Tribes
TS = Twilight Syndicate
NGE = New Galactic Empire
A mad colonist, a mad forum dude and a mad amateur substandard artist.
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2021-02-26 02:54:13
Alright, some unit ideas.

The most basic and the cheapest combat unit on land. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Their cheap cost makes them a expansible force if you have multiple base producing them. Cheapest choice for capturing cities.
Weakness: basically weak to everything. What you can expect for this price?

Heavy Infantry
A better type of infantry which are equipped with heavier weaponry, which they can counter tanks and even low flying aircrafts. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: A relatively cost efficient defensive unit, works even better when in forests and hilly high grounds.
Weakness: They are quite slow, makes them vulnerable to artillery. And actually will lose head-on with other more powerful combat units like MBT.

Scout vehicles has good mobility on most of the terrains that are excellent for harnessing slow enemies, and especially efficient when skirmishing infantries. They have the best vision range in fog of war.
Advanatage: Their high mobility on land is suitble for chasing slow and weak enemies. In fog of war, they act as spotters for artilleries or reveal ambushes in forests or hills.
Weakness: Well, weak firepower and armor.

APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)
APCs primarily has 2 roles. First, they can resupply your units. Second, they act as a transport for infantries. Equipped with machine gun, they can defend against infantries a bit.
Advantage: Act as a convenient, mobile (but limited) resupply station for your advancing forces. Their ability to transport infantries can compensate the generally slow mobility of infantries and helps the infantries reaching important locations ASAP.
Weakness: Almost no firepower. Only carries limited supplies for resupplying, which once depleted, it has to return to a base to refill. Also, if the APC is destroyed, so as the infantries inside.

Light Tank
These gasoline cowboys are good at taking down most types of units, except those bigger and heavier.
Advantage: Average performance, suitable in many combat scenarios.
Weakness: Low sight range and poor mobility in forests and hills makes them vulnerable to well-placed ambushes and artilleries. Still has underwhelming firepower compared to MBT. Moreover, vulnerable to airstrikes as they have no anti air capabilities.

MBT (Main Battle Tank)
The all-round MBT are the backbone of your land forces.
Advantage: Better than Light Tanks.
Weakness: Similar to light tanks, with slightly worse mobility.

Superheavy, behemoth sized units that dominates the land. With superior firepower and armor, only heavy weapons can deal considerable damage to them.
Advantage: Suppresses everything on land.
Weakness: Very slow movement which makes them a good target practice for artillery units. Aircrafts, especially bombers, is a lethal threat to these behemoths. Also, they are very expensive and least cost efficient. Also eats up a lot of fuel, it will require constant refuel.

Light Artillery
Basic land fire support unit that can attack enemies without fear of retaliation.
Advantage: Can safely engage enemies at range.
Weakness: Extremely fragile. Cannot fire and move in the same turn. Cannot fire at close range. Carries only few ammunition and requires resupply after a few barrages.

Heavy Artillery
Advanced fire support unit that packs more firepower than the standard ones.
Advantage: Superior range and concentrated firepower.
Weakness: Same as its standard counterpart. Carries very few ammunition which it requires frequent supply.

Anti Air
Self propelled standard anti air weapons on land that can provide close range anti air protection for land units, as well engaging land units when needed.
Advantage: Can engage almost everything. A key part protecting your advancing forces if your enemy has air advantage.
Weakness: They are only effective against infantries and aircrafts. Also, can only attack at close range.

Heavy Anti Air
Heavy mobile anti air weapons that can engage aircrafts at long range, a good defensive anti air weapon for important positions.
Advantage: A dedicated ranged anti air weapon for taking down aircrafts and especially lethal to high flying aircrafts like bombers.
Weakness: As said, a dedicated anti air weapon, they cannot engage land units. Like artilleries they cannot fire and move in the same turn. Doesn't carry much ammunition on its own.

You can say it is a flying tank. Excellent for attacking enemies behind the line.
Advantage: Flying properties gives it excellent mobility to attack enemies in forests and mountains. Also act as a cheap scouting aircraft.
Weakness: Despite an excellent skirmisher with flying advantage, they are very vulnerable to anti air weapons. Heavy infantries also pose a problem to gunships. High fuel usage, crashes when out of fuel.

High altitude air superiority aircraft.
Advantage: Ultimate solution to maintain control of the skies, prevent enemies providing air support.
Weakness: Limited purpose. Also, vulnerable to anti air weapons on land which they cannot engage. Crashes when out of fuel.

Heavy ground attack craft that flies on high altitudes.
Advantage: Excellent air unit for destroying land units like tanks.
Weakness: All anti air weapons, especially fighters. Crashes when out of fuel.

Airborne Transport
A low flying transport that can airlift infantries.
Advantage: Though slower than APC on flat grounds, however, airborne transports can operate in forests and hills without ease.
Weakness: They are defendless. Anti air, and heavy infantries will be especially a threat. Like other aircrafts, crashes when out of fuel.

Speedboats / NCV(Naval Combat Vehicle)
You can say they are infantries on the seas. They are capable of capturing buildings in the seas such as oil platforms.
Advantage: A cheap naval scout and the only type of unit that can capture offshore sites (if not considering Hydronauts of Atlanian Kingdoms). It can also engage units at range (still quite short though) using their mortar, good for harnessing enemies on the coasts.
Weakness: Just like infantries, they are weak grunts.

Raider Ship
Raiders are ships equipped with naval torpedoes (can be torpedo ships or submarines) that are threats to any ships but destroyers.
Advantage: A good counter to enemy cruisers and speedboats, an offensive naval vessel.
Weakness: Destroyers and aircrafts. Also, cannot engage land units.

A class of naval vessel that act as escorts for a fleet.
Advantage: It can protect the expensive cruisers and aircraft carriers against airstrikes and raider ships. On the other hand, it can engage weaker naval units.
Weakness: Cannot engage land units and not a match for powerful cruisers.

Backbone of a naval fleet and also a good fire support unit.
Advantage: Has the best range and firepower among all naval units, and also one of the only naval units able to attack enemies on the land.
Weakness: Raider ships. Expensive. High fuel usage and only carries few ammunition will require its operations supported by supply ships.

A naval vessel that act as a platform for air operations on the seas. Carriers can carry aircrafts and resupply them.
Advantage: Extends aircraft operation range on the seas since carriers can resupply them. On the other hand, the aircraft it carries can provide air support in naval battles or coastal assaults.
Weakness: Raider ships can basically one-shot them. Carrier is not armed for countering naval or land threats. High fuel usage.

Transport Ship
A naval vessel for transporting land units across the waters.
Advantage: Able to transport every type of land units.
Weakness: The ship is defendless.

Supply ship
A cargo ship that carries supplies for your navy.
Advantage: This can extend the operation range of your navy since the supply ship can keep your combat vessels fueled and ready for battle.
Weakness: Unarmed.

United Earth

Elite infantries of United Earth Space Marines which are excellent assault infantries. Can capture cities.
Advantage: Advanced infantry which they can survive and operate in most situations, which they have mobility similar to standard infantries and firepower better than heavy infantries. They can raid enemy buildings in the core of combat.
Weakness: Primarily, tanks and artilleries.

Heavy Tank
A more expensive alternative of a MBT which packs more firepower and has better armor.
Advantage: Besides having the advantages of a MBT and being more powerful, it can defend itself against gunships.
Weakness: Same as other tanks. On the other hand, more expensive than MBTs and less powerful than Titans.

League of Independent States

A special class of infantry capable of ranged attack, and with good recon capabilities in forests and hills. Can eliminate infantries without ease. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Unlike artilleries they can fire and move in the same turn, makes them a flexible unit. Excellent infantry killers.
Weakness: All combat vehicles, and enemies at close range. Marksman are very fragile.

Tank Destroyer
A light vehicle capable to deal impressive damage on tanks and even Titans.
Advantage: Extreme damage vs combat vehicles and can deal serious damage to Titans, a relatively cost efficient counter to these heavy units.
Weakness: Effective to nothing other than tanks. Weak armor also limits their performance.

Zolarg Empire

Zolarg special infantries that has outstanding mobility compared to other infantries. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Its mobility helps capturing distant important sites quickly or used for quick response and can be produced at reasonable price.
Weakness: Only slightly stronger than basic infantries, they are still too weak when compared to other units.

Subterranean Tank
A special light tank that can use a special movement mode. It is capable of relocating itself to another location, which can ignore terrain and enemy blockades.
Advantage: The relocate ability gives it alternative paths of movement which enemy blockades or terrains cannot slow it down.
Weakness: Same as light tank. Relocate ability has lower effective range than its own normal movement range. Also, cannot attack in the same turn after relocation, which might risk them under enemy fire. Uses a lot of fuel when using relocation ability.

Alpha Draconians

Repair Probe
Field support unit that can heal/repair friendly units adjacent to them.
Advantage: Provides repairs outside bases.
Weakness: Unarmed.

Mobile Teleport Beacon
Replacement of APC for Alpha Draconians that can teleport an adjacent friendly unit to next to HQ or another teleport beacon every turn.
Advantage: Provides extreme mobility for your forces.
Weakness: Unarmed. Also, teleported units cannot do anything after teleportation.

Teleport Beacon Boat
Replacement of transport ship for Alpha Draconians that can teleport an adjacent friendly unit next to own HQ or another teleport beacon every turn.
Advantage: Provides extreme mobility for your forces.
Weakness: Same as the mobile teleport beacon.

Heavy Fighter
Replacement of gunships and bombers which is capable attacking all types of units, a multirole attack craft.
Advantage: Versatile and nimble. Cheaper than bomber as an heavy ground attack craft.
Weakness: Anti air units. Although has better firepower than a gunship, however, not powerful as a bomber. Also would likely lose a dogfight with air superiority fighters.

P.S. Teleport beacon unit can teleport another teleport beacon unit.
P.S. In every teleportation, only the teleporting beacon will end its turn. The destination beacon is not affected. Even when the beacon has finished its turn, it can still be used as a destination point.

Atlanian Kingdoms

Amphibious infantries that combines the role of speedboats and infantries. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: Amphibious. Can transverse over waters without transport ships, gives them versatility, as well ability to capture offshore buildings.
Weakness: Cannot ranged attack like speedboats, and only slightly stronger than basic infantries.

Leviathan Knight
Exclusive Titan of Atlanian Kingdoms which has amphibious combat capabilities.
Advantage: Amphibious combat capabilities. Does not use fuel.
Weakness: Same as other Titans. Also, it is slightly weaker than other land based Titans.

Pharan Tribes

Templar Guard
A special type of heavy infantry that can withstand lots of punishments. Can capture buildings.
Advantage: High toughness can be used to hold the line, block enemies or divert enemy attacks.
Weakness: Slow moving. Cannot move and attack in the same turn.

A suicide bomber automaton.
Advantage: deals damage of 30% ratio of health to adjacent enemies, regardless of unit type.
Weakness: Fragile. If it is destroyed before able to detonate, it will be definitely a waste.

Twilight Syndicate

A specialist that sabotages enemy facilities for extra credits for your disposal.
Advantage: Provides potential, instant extra credits if your enemy left their facilities unguarded and your thieves can sabotage them. Sabotages facilities becomes neutral.
Weakness: Unarmed. Would be a risky investment, as return is not guaranteed.

Stealth Tank
A special light tank that can cloak itself for surprise attacks.
Advantage: When stealth mode is on, enemy cannot see the stealth tank unless an enemy unit is next to the stealth tank.
Weakness: Stealthed tanks can be revealed by adjacent enemies, making them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Stealth mode also uses up more fuel per turn, eventually the stealth mode will be force-deactivated when fuel of the stealth tank is depleted.

P.S. The Stealth Mode of Stealth Tank can be deactivated on player's command for fuel-efficient needs.

New Galactic Empire (W.I.P)
[This faction will have a very different arsenal. Except basic infantries, heavy infantries, APC, supply ships and Titan, almost everything is replaced by the followings.]

Blitz Golem
A Front-line battle mech derived from unknown technologies.
Advantage: It is basically a tougher version of light tanks that they generally have enhanced endurance on the battlefields. Besides, unlike tanks they can cross mountainous terrains.
Weakness: Only excels wiping out infantries and light vehicles and not impressive in terms of dealing damage to anything heavier than light tanks. Vulnerable to artillery fire and airstrike. High fuel usage.

Centurion Golem
A main battle mech derived from unknown technologies, using a reverse engineered railgun of United Earth origins.
Advantage: Almost same as Blitz Golem, but excels anti-vehicle combat. Also able to defend itself from gunship attacks.
Weakness: Weapons are not effective against infantries. Vulnerable to artillery fire. High fuel usage.

Beholder Golem
A Fire support mech derived from unknown technologies.
Advantage: A type of light artillery with very stable mobility over all types of terrains, giving them more tactical mobility than other conventional light artilleries. Also provides ranged anti air cover, making them all-in-one support unit.
Weakness: Just like artilleries. Also, high fuel usage.

Farseer Golem
Heavy artillery platform derived from unknown technologies, carrying reverse engineered Alpha Draconian Proton Obelisk.
Advantage: Besides having superior range like heavy artilleries, like Beholder Golem they have stable mobility over all types of terrain.
Weakness: Minimum range. Vulnerable to airstrikes. High fuel usage.

Relocatable Invasion Transport (RIT)
A teleport transport derived from unknown technologies, which seemed to be beyond what the Ancients had created.
Advantage: It is capable of carrying all types of land units. With its long range relocation ability that can set destination to any type of terrain, it is definitely a very mobile strategic transport.
Weakness: Unarmed. Can only move by relocation. Cannot relocate and unload units in the same turn. Relocation destination cannot be inside fog of war. High fuel usage.

Sky-blight Golem
A Flying mech derived from unknown technologies.
Advantage: A heavy multirole aircraft which is capable of delivering heavy damage to both aircrafts and land units.
Weakness: Slow mobility and expensive. Crashes when out of fuel.

Kraken Golem
A naval combat machine derived from unknown technologies and a bit of mythology.
Advantage: Very mobile and hard-hitting naval unit. They can even deal considerable damage to low flying aircrafts.
Weakness: Expensive, not ranged, unable to attack land units that limits its purpose as a naval superiority unit. Also vulnerable to bombers.

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