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PROJECT "BEFORE THE NEW EARTH" - Mod project launched!

Holy crap! This is amazing already! Looking forward to seeing it grow of course
Have a fantastic day!
~cakedon (formerly itsLiseczeq)
More about my mod.

Supply of colonists would not be stable in early game in this mod, unlike the vanilla My Colony 2.
Your way to get new colonists in is to "purchase" a delivery of a colonists in a lander at a landing facility.

Since trade gameplay is not available at this moment (v0.7.0), we will have resource import/export bays instead. These trade bays are constructed by spaceport vehicles which are available from landing facility. Trade bays occupies shuttle quotas.

Some buildings cannot be constructed in the colony which they have to be deployed from special landers you can purchase from landing facilities. RTG generators would be an example.

Left: Generator packed inside lander, flying. Right: Deployed RTG generator.

Colonists of each faction has different consumption pattern of resources.

Since we don't have research gameplay yet (v0.7.0) we'll replace research progression by buildings that requires research to build, and they would be tier based. These buildings produces higher tier vehicles that can construct advanced buildings.

Better housing requires a wider variety of services (using utility at this moment) to support.

Colonist model of each faction will be different.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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