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premium works only on the phone

this is primary directed to game administrators or bastecklein.

bought premium.
created region on the phone.
when playing on the pc, says: no premium.
when playing on browser, no region.
i can load only the game i played before i bought premium.

so premium works only on my phone.
everywhere else is literally: i didn't pay for the game & didn't play after

copied backup of the region city from phone to pc.
didn't work.
just the message "attempting to restore backup" loops forever.
just saw emajl thing. will try that.
You need to be signed in everywhere using your Ape Apps Account. For instance, your account says you do not have premium. If you sign into the device with your account that you bought Premium on, it ought to sync the purchase to your account.
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just to clarify.

played free version of the game.
bought premium on the phone
played region.
on the phone region works.
on the browser on the phone, opens only free game.
on the pc version, i transferred saved region file on pc.
so on pc, there is a region, but it wont open - loads forever.
on the browser version on pc, opens only free game.

everywhere i first sign on.
premium upgrade registered after 2-3 days.
region works only on game installed on the phone & nowhere else.
would *.avk or *.amk file help?
I have verified that your Premium is now tied to your account, so as long as you are signed in you should be good, as far as Premium goes.

The .avk and .amk file would be irrelevant to your region file. In fact I have been phasing out the key-file method of premium for account-level premium, and none of it has anything to do with your My Colony save games anyway.

The deal with your region is that a Region game is broken up into multiple files, and all game data for My Colony is stored locally on your device, it is not stored on your account.

To backup an entire region, open the region on the device you first created it on, in the region overview world, choose Statistics -> Game Data -> Backup Copy and it should make a backup of the entire region and all sub-files

Then on the device you want to restore the region on, from the title screen do Options -> Game Data -> Restore a Region
Owner of Ape Apps
thank you for detailed answer.

to all the players who face the same problem

for opening the region on other device or browser:
1) backup copy of the region
2) transfer/copy that file (on device where your game is)
3) restore a region (on that device)

again, thank you bastecklein
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