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Cloud Data

For a while, the list of worlds that were previously accessible as a local save haven't been showing up anymore when I open MC2 under my account. The only thing that shows is a save dated March 1 that persistently appears under the save data even when I try to delete it. What can I do to recover the old data?
you mean this is a local - only save, and clicking on it does nothing?
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All of the old saves were titled local saves, and all of them opened when clicked on. The last one that refuses to be deleted is titled a local save and opens as well. I've downloaded the cloud data pld for MC2, but I'm not sure whether it's been affected as well or not.
I'm wondering if this is a modded game file? Might be bugs with the rewrite to how mods are saved/loaded
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The removed games are a blend of modded and unmodded (I made a whole bunch of random worlds before 1.19 to load vpps) but the extant save file has no mods on it.
I found a backup save on drive
Some progress has naturally been reverted, but it'll be back soon
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