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Suggestion : Post Mortem. Aka how did they die?

#1 2017-10-13 19:54:12
A colonist on my colony died.
average colonist health is at a delightful 100%

I do wonder how he died.
any chance after a colonist dies we can view the reason for their death?

like a list or building feature could be made and its function would be keep a record of the 30 most recently deceased colonists and keep a record of their death.

could be a decent way of educating new players on what killed and how to prevent further deaths

I can only assume a few reasons for a colonist to die in my colony.
1.) starvation lack of food
"though feature autopsy we've discovered the cause was due to lack of nutrition."
simply put your colony needs more food, try building more hydroponics buildings or importing some food.

2.) dehydration lack of water
"we've performed a standard autopsy and learned the body was severely lacking in water even before death."
simply put your colony needs more water, if there's ice or water try creating some water bots, import water or ...below
-water pumps***
-water extractors*** [*** meaning it'll be different to suit the type of world]
-water wells***

3.) exposure/elements due to homelessness
"the autopsy revealed the cause of death this colonist was homeless and was exposed to the harsh environment for too long" maybe we should construct some more housing?

4.) execution
"erm....sir you did order this execution?"
while executions are allowed it doesn't always reflect well with colony happiness
while executions are allowed it doesn't always reflect well with colony happiness and our commonwealth...

5.) Fatigue
"subjects body has displayed excessive signs of fatigue and exhaustion,
simply put he was ether worked too hard or walked too far to work."
maybe we should consider reducing the workload or relocating colonists closer to work?

6.) toxic shock due to trash/atmosphere
"subjects lungs are the clear indication as to the reason why he died,"
-"hes been exposed to excessive amounts of trash for too long"
-"his lungs have become fatally damaged by our atmosphere"
simply put we need to....
-reduce the trash that has been piling up in our colony, we can use incinerators or simply dig a hole and throw the trash into it
-reduce atmospheric emissions, try turning off terraforming machines since we no longer need them and try creating enough atmospheric condensers to reduce the atmosphere to safe levels

7.) age
"careful analyses of cellular age and a visual examination confirms it, this colonist has lived the average human life expectancy and has expired due to old age."

I feel a reason to see how a colonist suddenly dropped dead would be a nice way of finding out what's killing them.
to prevent further deaths.

8.) plague [joking]
oh god why did you bring that corpse in here?!?!
It's infected with the space plague you've doomed us al-...........*static*........................................

9.) bar fight [joking]
perhaps we should make the rum bottles more brittle so they can't be broken into a weapon

10.) workplace incident [joking]
there was an accident at the "nuclear reactor/steel foundry/hydroponics/generic dangerous job name"
health and safety inspectors are inspecting the building.

11.) depression
a examination of the subject's mental state revealed they've been excessively bored and as a result become depressed.
simply put we need to create some more entertainment and recreational areas for colonists to enjoy themselves when not working

12.) poverty
an examination of the subjects pay rate and living expenses revealed they had a poor life.
simply put we might need to look into improving employee pay rate

13.) lack of healthcare
subject was unable to access a clinic or hospital for a medical examination
simply put we need to improve our healthcare
in b4 "I don't even know this guy" because a single colonist isn't memorable to me! :D
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#2 2017-10-13 21:09:00
I think this is a splendid idea, especially since you have obviously put some thought into this and provided good examples of how it might work. There could maybe be a technology or two for this. The first level of tech would simply allow for you too dispose of dead colonists( thus would be unlocked fairly early game). It would maybe unlock two new buildings, a graveyard and an incenerator. The graveyard would be similar to the current trash heaps we have, meaning overtime they would degrade and go away. The incenerator would do just that, incenerate the dead colonists while also providing a little bit of power. The second level of tech would allow for a very basic description of how they died, such as "[colonist] starved to death." It would unlock a building called the funeral home, which would decrease the happiness of colonists living nearby but would boost happiness of those living further away; this level would also unlock a larger graveyard that is decorative and provides a small happiness boost. The third level of tech would provide more details about the colonists death and life. This level would unlock a building called the morgue. Another technology on this third level would unlock an upgrade to the incenerator which 'returns' ashes to families this boosting happiness a small amount, as well as unlocking a building that decomposes bodies into compost and fertilizer( fertilizer could be used for a building idea I've got, I'll make a post about that idea later) while also harvesting organs that could be used for sick colonists that need a transplant. The fourth level of technology would unlock a building that requires no employees as it is run by robots, who are able to give detailed autopsy reports on dead colonists as well as exactly why they died. As well as unlocking a building that basically just shoots dead colonists into the depths of space.
#3 2017-10-14 02:07:10
I was thinking about a funeral home that you could click on and get a list of all colonists and tourists that recently died.
#4 2017-10-14 18:08:26
Well, bast made a pie chart in the statistics menu that weighs all of the reasons for colonist unhappiness and shows you what bothers your colonists the most.

In the same way, you could have a pie chart in the health tab on the statistics menu that keeps track of every colonist that has died in the past 20 minutes and shows you the reasons and what is currently killing the most people. This would be the simplest way of showing you why you’re colonists die and would still give satisfactory info.

In my opinion, bast said that this game was to be like SimCity, but I don’t recall SimCity having a corpse aspect, so I don’t think best will be adding the corpse aspect to the game, although it would Make the game more realistic and provide more of a challenge. He may definitely add the death pie chart though.
#5 2017-10-14 18:34:58
I have 9 who died food is 3.5 million water is 3.5 million
have a park the seeing eye the huge health buildngs even one of the 10 k arcology building with health included in it along with fun stuff
still have 9 dead no protesting no made 100 over 100 .
Maybe they died from board-um choices are get drunk get more drunk got park pass out get drunk some more lol
OOr go watch a game at a sport stadium and get drunk .
O and if you are really have a bad day go work at teh capital and get drunk .
Maybe thy are dieing from alcohol poisoning ?
#6 2017-10-15 00:35:08
Well, in real life, people always die, even when they have all they need. Things just happen, so when 1-2 ppl die, what's the big deal as long as your colonists are healthy and happy.
#7 2017-10-18 01:13:43
My first thought was I love this idea my second was a morgue and cemetery. I vote yes! And great job on the details!
#8 2017-10-19 16:36:21
Two yes
#9 2017-10-19 16:39:47
I have noticed that players who post joking ideas have the best ideas so far (well, compared to those who seriously posted something about the game turning into galactic wars). I like this suggestion better. It makes a lot of sense and makes it feel like more "colony-i" i mean like you are actually overseeing a colony. The challenge might be on how the developer would code so that the system could keep track of which colonist died with what what reason. But other than that, this suggestion makes the game more exciting.
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