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What type of image file does texture modder work with the best?

I'm trying to test my ideas on my colony, but the modder won't recognize xcf or svg files, only png. The only thing is when I save my svg image as a png, the transparency goes away and the white backdrop shows up when the image appears in the game. I use windows 7 with version 47

anyways, basts wants to have .svg files
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I know, I already tried that but the modder doesn't see my svg files that I created.
Inkscape is able to export images as .png and maintain transparency. adobe illustrator might be another option but it ain't free. Some of my colorization mods were done in irfanview.
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Its me Lego.
I always use Inkscape for the game and export as .PNG and all transparency is maintained. I will see about letting the mod tool import .svg files and do the .png conversion automatically, but for now you need to find out how to export to .png with transparency. Again, I use Inkscape, but I'm sure something as expensive as Adobe Illustrator would have the option to maintain transparency.
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I use Art flow and its pretty good as you can export as a png file. And no problems with any of my textures yet.
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