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harvisting stops

#1 2017-11-11 20:54:43
have to keep restarting all my harvesters
#2 2017-11-12 09:17:24
that's not a valid bug report. Add your game version/platform and add as much information as possible.
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#3 2017-11-12 21:20:29
sorry about that.
Windows 10 OS, 0.48.0 version, after the game has run for awhile (hour or more) after the Commonwealth tax I notice all the harvesters are Idle.
#4 2017-11-12 21:56:50
may be max cap (btw if ur using win 10 client u hould update ur game to v0.49)
#5 2017-11-15 10:17:42
maybe these harvested all deposits
Its me Lego.
#6 2017-11-15 14:46:05
any possible chance you ran out of power?
harvesters tend to go idle if your run out of power because they can't locate any functional drop off points.

so check...
1.) you haven't reached your max capcity for the resources, ore and gold don't have a max stack but things like wood does
2.) check some of the resource is still available uranium and oil are finite and once harvested they're gone unless you annex more land or use buildings to generate it
3.) check your buildings are powered and are not deactivated
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