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add multiplayer mode (poll)

#1 2017-11-12 04:08:19
In multiplayer mode, multiple players compete for control of the government. One player is the governor (king or president for independent colonies) and the rest have no power in the government. Those who are not affiliated with the government have to buy land before building anything, and the resources they make are not owned by the government. Players can apply for citizenship in different colonies, but it is up to the governor to accept them. Citizens of democratic colonies can vote for the governor (or president). You can donate money to politicians campaigns if they like them. If the governor chooses to, he can try to become king, but he would need to form an alliance with his fellow players. If the majority of players vote in favor of the governor, he becomes king, and all citizens lose voting power. In exchange, the king can grant land and money to whomever he wants. People can overthrow the king if they have enough support from the colonists.
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#2 2017-11-12 20:42:35
diplomats get diplomatic passports
#3 2017-11-12 21:55:20
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!
#4 2017-11-12 22:02:40
i though it was going to talk about colony still working when we close the game :'(
#5 2017-11-22 19:28:56
it is a good idea but only 1 player "play", chose if you are the king and if the player 1 is absent
if you don't understand my post i am sorry but if realy want to understand it ask me and i will translate it
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