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Memory and CPU usage

Is there any way to increase memory and CPU usage of this game on windows 10?
I've got 15% CPU and ~650 MB RAM memory usage max and my game is choppy.
GPU looks fine too. It doesn't affect any other games when my colony runs in the background.
Render FPS Cap in game setting is set to No Cap

what do you mean by choppy ? is it "choppy" all the time or when u do something (do you have a big map)?
and what does it do ?
by choppy I mean that the game works slower - workers do their job slower, workers move slower, resources freeze. Looks like I have low FPS rate.

I have very big map 520x520 and half filled with buildings
well i have this kind of problem too but my laptop is four years old and definitily not made for that (my map is 560x560and was going for 600k pop before my mistake x) )
and it mosly lags when lost of buildings are queued.
are your trying to zoom out too much ? because thats the main source of lag for me
The game lags with high population if you have more workers than jobs.
Can I allocate more RAM to my colony somehow? The colony is lagging
My Colony

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