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add galactic empires

#1 2017-11-12 23:15:27
When federations become a part of my colony, this will make more sense. A galactic empire is a group of at least 10 federations. A galactic empire acts as a single trading platform where everybody sells their resources at a fixed price (OPEC would be a real-world example of how this works). This gives colonies a chance to make a decent profit off of their resources.
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#2 2017-11-13 01:13:00
who fixes the prices?
#3 2017-11-13 03:45:55
Every federation gets 1 vote. That vote is controlled by the member colonies of the federation. It is similar to us elections, except there is no electoral college.
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#4 2017-11-13 04:03:10
galactic empires give power to smaller colonies
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