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Ahhh... Good ol' Quests!
Yeah. Quests.
My concept is, quests should be added to help the player and award them like small amount of cash, resources, and Trophies (Statues?) It can also guide them on what they could do in My Colony.
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for the achivement it is in the game but if for your quest you need to be connect all days and be like day-quest it will never add but for help and ressource yes
(can you give some example to look)
nonobosss said:

Thanks for reminding me. :)
Proud member of Stupidville.
it is achivement no quest if for you it is quest ok
I like this idea but as an option that can be turned off but otherwise a feature I would use also having a "step by step" guide would be nice to get a colony up to speed with your other colonys
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