About Ape Apps

The Ape Apps Blog Has Moved!
Please note that if you are looking for the Ape Apps Blog, it has moved to the following subdomain: http://blog.ape-apps.com/ Please update your bookmarks!

Since the release of our very first app Ape Punch in the summer of 2010, Ape Apps has been producing a wide variety of apps and games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Amazon Kindle, FirefoxOS and the web in HTML5.  Ape Apps is the owner of the popular online discussion forum community Discussions, the health and wellness blog Ape Health, and the developer of popular mobile games such as Mongo Madness and Level Up! RPG.  A full list of our apps and games can be found on the Ape Market.

Ape Apps was founded and is owned by Brandon Stecklein who maintains a development blog at bastecklein.com.