Coming Soon: Mongo Maker


Obviously you love Mongo Madness.  But maybe you are at the point where you’ve beaten the game six times, you beat the Lost Levels expansion, and you are just wishing for more content.  Or maybe you are a creator and you love to get in there and tinker with things yourself.  Well, you are in luck, because today, Ape Apps is proud to announce Mongo Maker, coming soon to a computer near you!

Mongo Maker is an exciting new web application that will be available soon from Ape Apps on Ape Web Apps.  From your desktop computer, you will be able to create your own Mongo Madness levels and send them directly to your Android device.  You will even be able to share your new maps with your friends.  Mongo Maker will be a fully featured map editor, and will be very easy to use.  Look for this awesome utility in the coming weeks, and start dreaming up your new level ideas!

In the meantime, if you have not yet played Mongo Madness for Android, head over to Google Play and get it today!

Become an Ape Apps Beta Tester

This morning, Ape Apps has created a new Google+ community called Ape Apps Beta Testers.  The community is free for all to join, and members will get early access to Android beta software through the Google Play beta mechanism.  If you would like to become an Ape Apps Beta Tester and get first pick at our upcoming games and software, join the Ape Apps Beta Tester community on Google Plus today!

Announcing Mongo Madness v1.1 Update

Coming soon to an Android near you, an epic update to the hit platforming game Mongo Madness that will blow your panties off and make you want to play through the entire game all over again!

The Mongo Madness v1.1 Update features a completely reworked graphics set, an enhanced physics engine, tweaks to almost every level, and various performance improvements.  So keep your eyes peeled, the new update is coming free to Google Play later this month!

New Ape Market Coming Soon


There are some major new changes coming soon to the Ape Market website!

The all new Ape Market will be a free software hosting and download service from Ape Apps, featuring software for Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Chrome Extensions, and HTML5.  It will also be open for all developers to submit their software, free of charge.  There will also be a brand new Ape Market Android app, a new Android App Store with automatic app updating and package management.

The Ape Market will also be introducing new API’s that developers can take advantage of, free of charge.  These include free app statistics logging through the Ape Market, and a free banner ad service where developers can cross-promote their other apps when their default ad networks are experiencing low fill rates.

Look for the brand new and improved Ape Market in the coming weeks.

December 2013 Revenue by Platform

Taking a look at monthly revenue as it breaks down by platform, Android continues to be the dominate income earner for Ape Apps:


On the face, it looks as though Android grew in revenue share at the expense of Web.  In honesty though, I think I screwed up last month’s reporting a bit, attributing more to web than there actually was.  In terms of raw numbers, both Windows Phone and iOS saw some decent growth in December.  My Windows 8 efforts also grew slightly, but are still so insignificant that they don’t even show up in the chart.

New App Roundup, December 2013

December was a slow month for Ape Apps in terms of new releases.  In fact, nothing entirely brand new was releases during the month, just two ports to the Windows Phone 8 platform.

All in all, December was a slow release month for Ape Apps, more of a time for me to sit back and relax and get ready for a hectic 2014!

Introducing the new Ape Apps Forums

In the coming weeks, Ape Apps will be transferring ownership of the Discussions forum service to the brand new RedStaff Apps.  In preparation for this, the brand new Ape Apps Forums have been set up at

The new forums tie in to the Ape Apps website and blog also.  When you create a user account on the forums, you automatically get an account for the blog that allows you to comment on posts and whatnot.  It’s pretty cool.

Over the coming weeks, I will be working on transferring all of the information from the old Ape Apps section on Discussions to the new forum.

New Character Classes for Level Up 2

When Level Up 2 – The Tower of Jupiter hits this spring, players will now be able to choose from between 4 unique character classes when they begin their journey through the mystical Tower of Jupiter.  Here is a breakdown of the new character classes for this upcoming epic RPG.

  • Adventurer – The Adventurer is the base class carried over from the original Level Up RPG game.  He begins the game with average stats and equipment.  A well rounded character, sort of a jack of all trades.
  • Wizard – For those who like to play with magic, the Wizard starts out with more mana, a powerful spell, and magical default gear.  He has less health and attack power than the other classes.
  • Rogue – The Rogue is a semi-balanced character similar to the Adventurer, with equal health and slightly more mana.  He starts out with a ranged weapon, and has less attack power and defense than the adventurer.
  • Warrior – The dumb brute of the game.  Warriors start out with no intellect and almost no mana, but have above average strength, defense, and health.  They also get stronger gear at the beginning.  Don’t expect to use much magic with the Warrior class.

So those are the new classes that users can choose from when they start a new game of Level Up 2.  There will be more information coming soon and leading up to the spring release of the game.  Until then, stay tuned right here for more details!