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Play the My Land Beta Today!

My Land is a brand new open ended sandbox farming and land management simulation game from Ape Apps, and is now open to the public for playing and beta testing from Ape Web Apps:

The web app is fully playable on desktop PC and all major mobile devices.

In this brand new Sim Farm inspired simulation game from the makers of the award winning god simulation My Planet, you begin the game with a blank plot of land and $5000.  From there, it is up to you to make it your own.  You can create a farm with crops and animals, or you can create a commerce area with side walks and pizza stands, or you can create a nature park with lakes and trails.  The choice is yours!


The My Land beta is open for all for free, cross platform, from Ape Web Apps.  The final game will be widely available next month on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.  Feel free to reply to this post with bugs you find in the game.

Honeybee Hijinks v1.1 Update Released

Great news, the v1.1 update has just been released for the ultra addictive infinity flying game Honeybee Hijinks!


The newest release ads performance improvements, increases the game difficulty level, and ads a new competitive high scores listing!  Get it now on the following platforms:

Android on Google Play:


Windows Phone:

Windows 8/RT:

What are you waiting for?  Go for the top score and get Honeybee Hijinks today!

Finger Paint v2.0 Update Released

Finger Paint, the definitive mobile painting app for kids and adults of all ages, had just been updated to v2.0 and is now available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, online from Ape Web Apps!


Finger Paint is an awesome finger painting application that is fun for kids and adults alike! You start off with a blank canvas, your imagination, and 30 fun colors to choose from.  Finger Paint works great on phones and tablets alike, and is a great way to kill time in the waiting room at the doctor or during a boring meeting at work.  Turn your boredom into creativity with Finger Paint!  Changes in v2.0 include:

  • Updated tool and paint selector graphics
  • Added 20 new colors to choose from
  • Slight tweaks to brush sizes
  • On screen tool displays are now hidden while you are drawing on the canvas

Upgrade to the latest version of finger paint today, or if you do not have it on your device yet, download it now from the links below!

Helios File Manager v1.2.4 Update Released


Helios File Manager, one of the highest rated file manager apps on Google Play, has just been updated to v1.2.4 and is now available to download direct from both the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store!

Helios File Manager is a highly advanced and ultra easy to use file browser app for Android devices.  It brings the raw power of desktop computing into the palm of your hand in a simple and intuitive interface that even Grandma can understand and use.  Changes in the v1.2.4 update include:

  • Bug fixes
  • SDK Updates
  • Kit Kat(+) devices now have themed status and navigation bars (looks really nice)
  • Can now move/install the app to SD card
  • Expanded the file icon set for new file types

When you are ready to switch to the Android file browser app that is centered around you, you need to upgrade to Helios.  Available now on an Android near you!

Defogger v1.1 Update Released


Sitting bored in class? Wasting away at work waiting for the clock to run out? Counting down the seconds until your kid’s grade school musical is finally over? Well never fear, the ultimate cure for your boredom has arrived! It’s Defogger! Defogger covers your device screen with a thick nasty condensation that you have to clear away with your finger. It’s more fun than it sounds.  v1.1 has been updated with bug fixes and performance improvements.  Get it today for Android on Google Play:

RAM Booster 2014 v1.1 Update Released

RAM Booster 2014, the most advanced free memory booster on Android today, has just been updated to v1.1, and is now available to download on Google Play and the Amazon App Store!


RAM Booster 2014 is so powerful yet easy to use, there’s no wonder why it’s the highest rated memory management app on the market today.  Every Android device can benefit from using RAM Booster 2014.  But don’t just take our word for it, check out what the users have been saying:

Jorge Maza

Extraordinarily good Compared to any other application this is the best. I have also installed Clean Master, the use and immediately after use this free app and I still at least 15% more memory. Test it and give me the reason


Suraj Temkar

Aggressive app-killer I have played with a bunch of ram boosters including clean master . Trust me, nothing beats this.. and no app can get as simple, as user friendly look than this one.. :) Love it!


Ashish Dhyani

Simple., light and fast!! Thumbs up for the developer for making it simple and light. It really performs well, most importantly it does not take much memory space.

If you’re using an Android or a Kindle device, then you can’t afford NOT to be using RAM Booster 2014.  Download it today and see what all the fuss is about.  Available on Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Alien Forums v1.2.1 Update Released

Alien Forums for Android has just been updated to v1.2.1 and is now available to download from the Google Play store:



Alien Forums is an online discussion forum community where like-minded people can come and discuss anything related to the existence of extraterrestrial beings.  Topics up for debate and discussion include UFO’s, alien sightings, crop circles, ancient astronaut theory (ancient aliens), government coverups, conspiracy theories, alien races, and more.  Basically, anything alien related is fair game.

If you love aliens, UFO sightings, ancient astronaut theory, or anything in between, you should probably join this epic online community today.  Alien Forums is available online, or as a mobile app on Android and Windows Phone.

Forum Fiend v1.2.8 Update Released

Good news, the awaited v1.2.8 update to Forum Fiend for Android has just been released by Ape Apps and is now available to download on Google Play!  For those who don’t know, Forum Fiend is the rapidly rising alternative forum reader to the industry leading Tapatalk app.


And unlike Tapatalk, Forum Fiend offers users a wide array of forum theme customization options, allowing each user to make their forum their own.  It works with nearly every forum that supports the Tapatalk API, and even allows you to add forums to the app that are not supported.  And with rapid feature updates and bug fixes, Forum Fiend is quickly becoming the go-to app for mobile forum enthusiasts everywhere.

Changes to this release of Forum Fiend for Android include:

  • New theme options – Forum theme options have been greatly expanded.  You can now alter the accent color, background color, text color, forum element color/visibility, forum wallpaper, and turn avatars/icons on and off.
  • App can now be installed/moved to SD Card
  • Kit Kat(+) devices now tint the status and nav bars to match user theme color
  • Added favorites list (bookmarks) for forums
  • Added more functionality to forums viewed in the Web View (non-tapatalk forums)
  • Various bug fixes

Forum Fiend also offers forum owners a quick and easy way to customize how their forum systems appear within the Forum Fiend app.  See the Forum Owners page for more details.  And download Forum Fiend today, available now for Android and Windows Phone!


Doorways Launcher v1.4 Update Released


Doorways Launcher, the high feature, low footprint home screen launcher for Android, has just been updated to v1.4 and is now available for download on Google Play:

Doorways offers a unique low memory footprint design, while still retaining all of the features you would come to expect from a modern Android launcher.  It features a simple app listing, with the ability to pin your favorites to the dock at the bottom of the screen.  It also lets you manage your apps, hide unwanted apps, and filter your app list for faster app search and discovery.  More features are being added all the time, upon user request.  So if you want a launcher that is designed around you, give Doorways a try and leave feedback!  Here is a list of changes in the latest v1.4 release:

Doorways Launcher v1.4 Changelog

  • Layout updates
  • Dock and filter bar are now totally transparent
  • Added Kit Kat(+) Immersive Mode support
  • Bug fixes

Users love the direction Doorways Launcher is headed.  Check out the latest reviews from Google Play:

Hammad Iqbal

Great Launcher – I like it better how its been updated.  Now I can filter and change wall paper.  Now I can just uninstall directly from the launcher without messing with the settings.  Recommend it to everyone!


Michael Roper

EXCELLENT! – Doorways is my new primary launcher!


Sten Stensson

Nice – Finally a good, light launcher.  Keep it simple :)

So when you are ready for a light, clean, and rock solid Android launcher, that doesn’t stuff advertisements and corporate tie-ins in your face, switch to Doorways Launcher today!

Get the Bitcoin Live Tile app for Windows Phone and Windows 8!

Ape Apps is proud to announce the free Bitcoin Prices Live Tile app for Windows Phone and Windows 8!


Now you can stay up to date at a glance at the latest spot price of Bitcoin right from your Windows start screen.  A must have for every Bitcoin investor using a Windows Phone or Windows 8!  Here are the download links:

Both apps are free from their respective app stores, so download them today!