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My Planet v1.4 Update Released

My Planet has just received a long awaited update to v1.4, and is now available for download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, and online in HTML5!  See download links here at the official My Planet website:


My Planet v1.4
My Planet v1.4

My Planet v1.4 Changes

  • Layout updates
  • Added options menu bar to bottom of screen
  • Added lush flooded planet graphics
  • Added night time planet graphics
  • Added a pause button
  • Added variable speed settings
  • Experience now grows faster than before
  • Made moon colonization easier

Grab the latest release of My Planet on your platform of choice today.  And stay tuned, because there are a lot more changes coming to My Planet that are going to blow your panties off and make this the best god simulation game on mobile!