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July 2014 Revenue By Platform

July was a busy month for me outside of Ape Apps.  As such, I really didn’t get much done in the way of app development.  Because of this, I did notice a slight drop in my revenues versus the month of June.  Did this revenue drop have any effect on my revenue by platform distribution?  Not really:


If you have been following along with my monthly revenue reports, you will notice that this remains largely unchanged.  Windows Phone lost 1% of share while web gained 1%.  Other than that, everything is exactly the same as it was last month.  Here is my commentary on how I feel about my position on each platform right now:

Obviously, Android continues to completely dominate my monthly revenue distribution.  I will say though that this could possibly change once the August numbers come out.  In late July, Google saw fit to remove my app WiFi Booster 2014 from Google Play, which was my #5 top used app across all platforms last month.  This will surely have an impact on my Android revenues, and I have already noticed declines for the last few days of July.  I will keep an eye on it and see how it plays out.  And by the way, those of you still interested in downloading WiFi Booster 2014 can get it for free from the Ape Market (link);

My iOS revenues remained flat month over month.  This wasn’t really unexpected, as I had no new iOS releases in July.  I do currently have the farm simulation game My Land pending for approval on the App Store though.  It has seen favorable reviews from users on other platforms, and games usually seem to do better on iOS than they do on Android (initially at least).  So perhaps August will be the month that my iOS business breaks past the 10% mark!

My two main web pulls are the Role Playing Forums and Ape Web Apps websites, and both saw slight increases in revenue over June.  I didn’t really do any marketing for RP Forums, but the app has remained popular and it gets a ton of new content every day, likely helping it’s search engine ranking.  Since I was out of town and not able to work though, I did take the opportunity to do some Twitter marketing for Ape Web Apps, showcasing multiple games per day on the service.  This resulted in more followers and more revenues for Ape Web Apps, so I think I will keep up on my Twitter efforts from now on.  And by the way, if you are not following Ape Apps on Twitter (@apeapps), you are missing out!

Windows Phone and Windows 8
I am lumping these two platforms together here because they both share the same sad story: sorrow.  Both platforms saw revenue decreases in July and they both seem to be rapidly fizzling out.  I am still holding out hope that once the Windows Phone 8.1 update hits I will get more activity on the platform, but I won’t hold my  breath.  Nor will I hold my breath for Windows 8, which seems to have completely died.

To wrap it up, July was a pretty slow month here at Ape Apps, but now I’m back and ready to rumble.  So stay tuned folks, cause there are good things up ahead!

1406 revenue

June 2014 Revenue By Platform

In my previous Revenue by Platform update, I indicated that I was hoping to expand my iOS business, as well as try to continue to diversify my income away from a heavy Android dominance.  Are those efforts paying off?  Here is the chart of my Revenue by Platform numbers for June 2014.


So I am starting to see success on the iOS front.  However, this success is coming at the expense of my Web, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 businesses, which all saw declines in June.  Android on the other hand continues to grow, and now accounts for 83% of my overall revenues, it’s highest share ever.  I really feel uneasy about the bulk of my income all coming from the same source, but with Android’s completely dominant and growing position in the overall market, changing this revenue trend will be easier said then done.

My biggest concern right now is with the two Microsoft platforms, Windows Phone and Windows 8.  I am still holding out hope for Windows Phone revenues, which have started showing some signs of life recently.  I actually have a slew of large game updates in the Windows Phone store right now, but they all require Windows Phone 8.1, which is only just now starting to trickle out to users.  I am hoping that by August and September I will start to see those efforts pay off in some way.  I am a little less hopeful about Windows 8.  I have never been able to achieve financial success on that platform, and the trends are getting worse, not better.  I will continue to release software for the platform, largely because Windows Phone apps can now be ported to Windows 8 with almost no coding changes required.  From a business perspective though, Windows 8 and the Windows Store have been dead in the water for me.  Maybe some people are seeing success on the platform, but I am not one of them.

Web revenues are also not where I think they ought to be.  As I said in prior posts though, the web as a whole is rapidly declining in favor of mobile apps.  People just flat out prefer apps.  I must be the only person in the world who prefers web, but it is what it is.

Finally, I think that iOS is my biggest hope for increasing non-Android revenue share.  Games seem to do reasonable well on the platform, so I will continue to release games for iOS in hopes of greater revenue diversification.

Honeybee Hijinks v1.1 Update Released

Great news, the v1.1 update has just been released for the ultra addictive infinity flying game Honeybee Hijinks!


The newest release ads performance improvements, increases the game difficulty level, and ads a new competitive high scores listing!  Get it now on the following platforms:

Android on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ape.games.hbh

iPhone/iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/honeybee-hijinks/id818841816?ls=1&mt=8

Windows Phone: http://windowsphone.com/s?appid=9a208925-eca1-46b1-ae76-da612853fa03

Windows 8/RT: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/honeybee-hijinks/93e3ffdd-c28c-4780-8fdb-3212abe7f728

What are you waiting for?  Go for the top score and get Honeybee Hijinks today!

Finger Paint v2.0 Update Released

Finger Paint, the definitive mobile painting app for kids and adults of all ages, had just been updated to v2.0 and is now available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, online from Ape Web Apps!


Finger Paint is an awesome finger painting application that is fun for kids and adults alike! You start off with a blank canvas, your imagination, and 30 fun colors to choose from.  Finger Paint works great on phones and tablets alike, and is a great way to kill time in the waiting room at the doctor or during a boring meeting at work.  Turn your boredom into creativity with Finger Paint!  Changes in v2.0 include:

  • Updated tool and paint selector graphics
  • Added 20 new colors to choose from
  • Slight tweaks to brush sizes
  • On screen tool displays are now hidden while you are drawing on the canvas

Upgrade to the latest version of finger paint today, or if you do not have it on your device yet, download it now from the links below!

Get the Bitcoin Live Tile app for Windows Phone and Windows 8!

Ape Apps is proud to announce the free Bitcoin Prices Live Tile app for Windows Phone and Windows 8!


Now you can stay up to date at a glance at the latest spot price of Bitcoin right from your Windows start screen.  A must have for every Bitcoin investor using a Windows Phone or Windows 8!  Here are the download links:

Both apps are free from their respective app stores, so download them today!


Get Ginko!

Ape Apps is proud to announce the availability of Ginko on all major mobile platforms!


Ginko (formerly known as Memory Deluxe), is a flip card memory clone game for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8/RT, Kindle, and the web.  Collect gems and reach for the high score by matching like tiles!  Great fun for kids and adults of all ages.  See the official Ginko website for more info and download locations:


May 2014 Revenue By Platform

It has been some time since I have posted a monthly revenue update, the last being all the way back in December.  For a quick recap, back then 81% of Ape Apps revenue was coming from Android, 9% from the web, 8% from iOS, 2% from Windows Phone, and random scraps from Windows 8.  My overall goal has been to reduce my heavy reliance on Android and to start gaining more revenue from other sources.  Have those efforts been successful?  Take a look at the difference a few months makes:


As you can see, Android is still commanding 81% of my revenues, no change.  The only major change is that the percentage of revenue from Web and iOS has fallen at the expense of my Windows Phone business, which has seen rapid gains in the last several months.  I attribute this Windows Phone success to a mass switching of my WP8 apps from Microsoft’s advertising solution over to Google’s, now that Google AdMob supports WP8.  This trend could change in the future though, as AdMob does not support the new Windows Phone 8.1 platform, so my latest Windows Phone releases have switched ad networks yet again, this time to LeadBolt.  Once the Windows Phone 8.1 update starts rolling out on scale, I will be interested to see how this ad network performs.

The big loser for Ape Apps so far this year has been web, with revenues shrinking from 9% to 4% of total income.  In fact, it is the only aspect of the business which has lost in both revenue share percentage, and in actual dollar figures.  My two primary web assets are Ape Web Apps and Role Playing Forums.  While RP Forums has been having a steady increase in revenue month after month, Ape Web Apps has fallen significantly.  I believe this is just a sign of the times, as more and more people switch to smart phones and tend to prefer the native app versions of these apps VS the in browser web apps.  Also, decreasing my Facebook activity seems to have had an adverse impact on the web app business.

Finally, my iOS and Windows 8 businesses have seen no significant change in terms of raw revenue.  I expect to see some iOS growth over the next few months as I have started putting more effort into that platform lately.  I have also increased Windows 8 efforts over the last few months, but have detected no noticeable change of revenue as a result.  I hope that this changes with the upcoming wave of cheap Windows 8 tablets about to hit the market.  Windows 8 is actually a pretty good platform, but as a tablet, many of the devices have been lackluster and over priced thus far, especially against the market leader Android.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of revenue updates over the last few months.  I intend to get back on track with the Ape Apps blog, so keep checking back for more updates!

My Planet v1.4 Update Released

My Planet has just received a long awaited update to v1.4, and is now available for download for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, and online in HTML5!  See download links here at the official My Planet website:


My Planet v1.4
My Planet v1.4

My Planet v1.4 Changes

  • Layout updates
  • Added options menu bar to bottom of screen
  • Added lush flooded planet graphics
  • Added night time planet graphics
  • Added a pause button
  • Added variable speed settings
  • Experience now grows faster than before
  • Made moon colonization easier

Grab the latest release of My Planet on your platform of choice today.  And stay tuned, because there are a lot more changes coming to My Planet that are going to blow your panties off and make this the best god simulation game on mobile!

December 2013 Revenue by Platform

Taking a look at monthly revenue as it breaks down by platform, Android continues to be the dominate income earner for Ape Apps:


On the face, it looks as though Android grew in revenue share at the expense of Web.  In honesty though, I think I screwed up last month’s reporting a bit, attributing more to web than there actually was.  In terms of raw numbers, both Windows Phone and iOS saw some decent growth in December.  My Windows 8 efforts also grew slightly, but are still so insignificant that they don’t even show up in the chart.