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December 2013 Revenue by Platform

Taking a look at monthly revenue as it breaks down by platform, Android continues to be the dominate income earner for Ape Apps:


On the face, it looks as though Android grew in revenue share at the expense of Web.  In honesty though, I think I screwed up last month’s reporting a bit, attributing more to web than there actually was.  In terms of raw numbers, both Windows Phone and iOS saw some decent growth in December.  My Windows 8 efforts also grew slightly, but are still so insignificant that they don’t even show up in the chart.

November 2013 Revenue by Platform

As another new feature to the Ape Apps blog, each month I will be posting statistics on which platforms generate the most revenue for Ape Apps.  Here are the statistics for last month, November 2013.

ape apps november 2013

As you can see, Android continues to be Ape Apps’ dominate source of revenue.  Sadly, Windows 8 revenues were so low that they did not even register on the chart.