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Hi I'm just your usual evil empress plotting to take over the universe and slaughter the weak and defenseless. My full name is Empress Laser Doom von Evil, but Empress von Evil is just fine. I love hiking, crocheting, and committing crimes against sapient life.

Protesters, ugh!

Those ungrateful vermin in the street outside don't understand how hard it is to be an evil empress. The endless meetings, boring state dinners, and massive harem functions. They should be grateful for their 84 hour long workweeks and meager rations, dutifully working at the unsafe industrial machinery that dots my empire, not whining for things like "free speech" and "basic human rights"!

I ordered my death squads to shoot them and crucify any that do not immediately disperse as a warning to the others, but for some reason they did not like that either and went to rioting. I suppose I might have to cull this entire sector and fire up the clone vats to make more of them that are hopefully less inclined to protest.


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June 13th, 2018
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