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The Ape Show

The Ape Show is Brandon Stecklein's podcast about all things Ape Apps! Also discusses the app business in general.

449 Posts
Here you can talk about whatever you want! Just an open discussion forum. If you need to discuss an app or a game, please do so in the appropriate section.
RE:Premium Purchase
by Grandirus
32m ago
Contains sections for testing out various features of the website and forum software.
106 Articles
The official My Colony blog! Find game information, release notes, and changelogs here.
RE:The My Colony 2 Mod Shop Is Now Open For Submissions!
by colbya
15d ago
2715 Posts
Topics or posts which do not fit in any other My Colony category. Talk about game related topics, or anything else you want to.
by Sobeirannovaocc
1mo ago
Forums related to My Colony 2, the 3D multiplayer space colony simulator from Ape Apps!
59 Posts
Discuss all things Death 3d, including bug reports, and game suggestions!
RE:New Makeover for Death 3D
by itsLiseczeq
2mo ago
172 Posts
Here is the official general forum for all things related to Colony Wars, the real time strategy game from Ape Apps!
RE:[Question] Transitioning Colony Wars From S2D to S3D?
by bastecklein
2mo ago
153 Posts
Discuss other games in the My Colony Universe, such as My Starship, Sarge, or the Deimos trilogy.
Some sort of "Tile Improvement" models for Terra Nova 4X
by GeneralWadaling
23d ago
91 Posts
Here you can leave suggestions for updates to my current games or different types of games you would like to see me work on!
RE:nuclear trefoil
by Ansom
2mo ago
39 Posts
Discussion and support for apps which do not have their own specific section on the forum.
EZ Database
by wsmyth
6d ago
113 Posts
Help, support, and discussion for Network Browser, the handy SMB utility application from Ape Apps!
RE:invalid port
by jochness
1mo ago
104 Posts
Support and discussion for the Ape Apps Launcher desktop application.
RE:Run the Ape Apps Launcher PWA on startup
by bastecklein
5mo ago
44 Posts
Discussions, suggestions, and support for Ape Chat, the Ape Apps chat server used on several Ape Apps websites and games.
RE:CottonJeans169 was being bullied
by Architecture1134
7d ago
112 Posts
Official discussion, help and support forums for the EZ Office suite of apps, including PDF Document Scanner and Noteastic Notepad.
RE:[PDF] import project after Fresh windows install
by yazoo
1d ago
38 Posts
Support, feature suggestions, help, and discussions for Voxel Paint - the 3d voxel graphics creation application by Ape Apps!
Issues converting to .obj
by DoYouHaveAnyOats
25d ago
3 Posts
Help, support, suggestions, and developer information section for Forum Fiend, the mobile forum viewing application from Ape Apps.
Forum Fiend Returns
by bastecklein
9mo ago
114 Posts
Discussion and support for games which do not have their own specific section on the forum.
RE:My Business Empire 2 Questions
by bastecklein
8mo ago
Official help, support, and discussion forum for Antiquitas, the epic Roman city building sim from Ape Apps!
39 Posts
General forum for Epic Adventure, the open world building, crafting, and adventuring game from Ape Apps!
RE:Epic Adventure v0.14.0 Released, Plus the Future...
by Amorphus
7mo ago
49 Posts
Discussion, tips, help, and suggestions for My Empire, the 4x strategy game from Ape Apps!
My Empire v1.3.0 Released
by bastecklein
8mo ago
77 Posts
Help, support, and discussion for My Land, the farm and land business management simulation game from Ape Apps!
RE:Glitch in the animals
by Egpesta
1y ago
17 Posts
Help, support, and discussion for My Planet, the award winning god simulation game from Ape Apps!
RE:Moon Supplies
by MainahMan365
2y ago
Ape Apps, LLC is an independent software development company founded in 2010 by Brandon Stecklein. Over the years, Ape Apps has published over 400 apps and games across various platforms. You can get in touch with Brandon on Twitter or by leaving a post on his wall @bastecklein
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