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Updates and Announcements

2020-07-02 12:41:26

My Colony v1.8.0 Released

Hello everybody, and welcome to another earth shattering edition of the My Colony release notes! Today I am publishing update v1.8.0 which should be hitting all platforms over the next few days here. This update patches a handful of bugs, and adds a couple of new structures for the Reptilian race, pulled from the Suggestions forum.
2020-06-20 20:53:35

Work Started on Scroll3d

I have begun designing the upcoming Scroll3d engine, which is a WebGL based replacement for my current Scroll2d game engine that powers My Colony, Antiquitas, My Land, My Starship, Epic Adventure, Gone Rogue, Hell and Back, Colony Wars, My Empire, etc. Scroll3d is my "next generation" rendering engine that will be powering My Colony 2 along with my next batch of games and graphical applications over the coming years, so it is a long term project.
2020-06-05 04:05:30

Scroll2d and the Future of Ape Apps

If any of you have ever peeked at the source code of My Colony or many of my other games, you might notice a common script in all of them called scroll2d.js. Back in 2013, I thought it would be neat to create a web browser based game engine that could be used to render and manipulate 2d tile maps in either normal or isometric mode. Scroll2d is the engine I came up with, and My Land was the the original technical demonstration for that engine.
2020-06-02 17:51:16

My Colony v1.7.0 Released

Hello everyone! Today I will be publishing My Colony v1.7.0 to all platforms. This is a somewhat minor(ish) update, but includes some bug fixes that needed to go out sooner rather than later as they were impacting one of my servers somewhat substantially and causing issues not only for My Colony, but other games as well. There are some changes here and there that you will notice though, so let's take a peek at what's new in this release!
2020-05-10 16:29:04

My Colony v1.6.0 Released

Happy Mothers Day to everyone out there, and today is a quick bug patch release for My Colony! There were a couple of pressing issues in the recently released v1.5.0 that I couldn't put off for a full release, so we are getting a small update today.

This update just fixes a handful of bugs, increases the commuter capacity of the Regional Busing Authority to 400, and adds the Short Range Teleporter to the Reptilian civilization, allowing Reptilian regions travel between cities.

I hope this fixes some of the issues with v1.5.0, and stay tuned for more excitement coming soon!

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