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2021-01-14 16:27:43

My Colony v1.12.0 Released

Today I have published a minor patch to My Colony, v1.12.0. This update addresses a couple of hard crashes that were identified, and makes some minor performance improvements to a couple of in-game functions related to resource calculations.

If you have not heard it yet, I participated in another My Colony 2 related voice Q&A on the NOZ discord channel. You can listen to the Q&A on the My Colony Podcast episode linked below, where we discussed a wide arrange of topics related to the upcoming My Colony 2:

The official My Colony website has been rebuilt and re-branded as the My Colony Universe website, which will feature information and lore/backstory related to all games in the expanding My Colony Universe. Check it out below and add it to your bookmarks, as it is being updated frequently:

As always, thank you to everybody for playing and supporting My Colony, and have a great day!
2020-12-08 13:16:08

My Colony v1.11.0 Released

My Colony v1.11.0 patch is being finalized and will be rolling out to all platforms within a day or two.

There is one gameplay tweak in this release, where Paintings have been added to the Star Gate for import/export.

In addition to that, the system of gifting resources to new players (or any player) has been changed in two ways. Firstly, in order to send resources directly between colonies, both colonies must be online (and on v1.11.0 or higher). Secondly, resource gifting capacity is now capped not only at the senders trade capacity, but also at the receivers trade capacity. Since this is extremely limiting to a new colony with a capacity of only 300 or so, there is a lower limit of 3000, so that you can still gift up to 3000 in resources even if that number is above capacity.

Beyond that, other changes include alphabetical building sorting to the construction options popup window and some tweaks to how the engine automatically adjusts and tunes in-game performance settings.

Important note for Desktop players (non-steam). This update changes the way the game is packaged and installed, and because of this the in-game "Auto Update" feature will not work for migrating from v1.10.x to v1.11.0. You will need to uninstall your current version of My Colony and redownload the desktop client from The old installer that was being used for the game is no longer supported, so I am going to have to cook up a better long-term solution for the desktop client. Until then, the Windows desktop version of the game no longer has a Setup.exe file, and instead includes the game executable and it's supporting files in a folder. Just place this folder somewhere on your computer and make a shortcut to the main executable. All desktop clients do support auto-updating from this point forward, but there is currently no neat-and-clean installer for any platform.

This update also adds support for Apple silicon M1 based macs, so if you buy a new M1 based Macbook or Mac Mini, you should be good to go. I am not sure if the Steam edition will have M1 support yet, that depends on whether Steam will be accepting binaries for the Mac ARM architecture or not.

The next update v1.12.0 is going to bring some additional changes to the resource Import/Export system, implementing both cooldown times between transactions and other adjustments. There are also going to be changes to how importing and exporting impacts the overall resource pool and price, so be ready for that.

Until next time, thanks for playing My Colony and stay tuned for more!
2020-10-21 12:38:10

My Colony v1.10.0 Sort-of Released

My Colony v1.10.0 has started going out recently and is hitting various platforms at different times and in different iterations. This is a bit of a different update, as there is nothing new to My Colony itself.

Over the last few weeks, I have been busy doing a total rewrite of Web App Core, the cross-platform app wrapper that hosts most of my apps and games, including My Colony. This rewrite cleans out years of outdated/unused code, is more efficient, and should bring more consistency between all of the various platforms. The problem though, is that this project is massive and is taking me longer than I anticipated.

Since the rewrite is quite massive and touches every single function available to Web App Core, I went ahead and published it on my two biggest cross-platform applications, My Colony and PDF Document Scanner, so I could collect crash reports and see what is and isn't working. I know that this isn't something a "professional" company would necessarily do, but I did (mostly) test everything beforehand 🤐

Anyway, you may see several iterations and releases of the 1.10.x branch on each platform over the coming weeks as I work everything out, so you can report all issues you find in this thread.

While I am talking about Web App Core, I might as well give an overview of what I am changing on that product, since it is a large part of My Colony as well. My Colony is currently running on v3.7.6, and after I have all of the bugs worked out on all platforms, Web App Core will be bumping up to v4.0.0 and getting a ton of cool new features that will help My Colony and other products as well.

If you are not aware, Web App Core is basically an abstraction wrapper I wrote starting in 2013 or so that allows my apps and games to use device-specific native functions while sharing the same code base. It's basically what allows me to release updates to all platforms in a fairly short amount of time. It's not a third party library or anything, so I have total control over it's features and capabilities.

One of the new features coming to Web App Core v4 is the ability to fully customize the theme/look of the wrapper. For example, on all of my current apps, the default left-hand slide-out menu looks the same for every app on a specific platform. So all of my Android apps have the exact same looking slide-out menu, same looking title screen, same looking dialog popups, etc. They are all very generic and the same across the board. A productivity app like PDF Document Scanner uses the exact same looking menus and dialogs as a game like My Colony. With Web App Core v4, My Colony (and other games) will be able to have their own customized UI and look more "game" like.

Web App Core v4 will also bring full local filesystem access to My Colony on the Web. This means that on the My Colony web app, you will be able to choose a local folder on your PC or Android device that you want My Colony to use, and all game data will be saved there, instead of on the cloud or in the browser's internal database. Since saves will no longer be limited to using the database, game compression should be unnecessary, and this change should virtually eliminate file save corruption on the web edition of the game. This will also make backing up your data trivial, as you can just copy/paste your save files any time you want.

Web App Core v4 will also start making way for upcoming web technologies that are not yet available in stable channel browsers, but will be coming in the months ahead. For example, installed Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) will soon be gaining the ability to become the default application for certain file types. For example, if you had the My Colony PWA installed on your device, you will eventually be able to simply double click on a game file on your desktop, and it would automatically launch the game (and your colony). Same thing with apps like Voxel Paint, simply double clicking on a .vpp file would launch the app and the voxel model.

Anyway, there are a lot more capabilities coming soon that have nothing to do with My Colony, so I wont bother polluting these release notes any further. If you've been following my work for any length of time, you may know that I really dislike the various App Stores, their draconian content rules and restrictions, their 30%+ cuts on all transactions, etc. My ultimate goal is to have the web editions of all of my products just as capable (or more) than their native counterparts. I am a big fan of Progressive Web Apps, and as time goes on I believe they are going to become more and more indistinguishable from native applications. I am going to continue to be on the bleeding edge of the PWA side of things!
2020-09-15 14:33:57

My Colony v1.9.0 Released

Today I have pushed out a minor update to My Colony, v1.9.0, which should be hitting all platforms over the coming days. This update moves the API endpoint to a new server (no change required on the part of players), fixes a couple of bugs, and makes some minor tweaks.

Wood and Crystalline production has been added to the Helium Nanomine.

Also, I have lowered the working age and raised the retirement age a bit.

That's it for today, enjoy!
2020-09-09 15:09:42

My Colony Website Moving

There are some changes coming soon to the My Colony website that will impact individual colonial/regional websites as well as the public My Colony API. Beginning with the release of My Colony v1.9.0, all API calls are being migrated to a new subdomain, and the current My Colony website is moving as well.

The change is as follows:

Current Location:
New Location:

Essentially, all URLs should remain the same, except for the www is changing to mc1. The current My Colony public api will remain at the current location for a few weeks, but will then be going offline, so all API calls should be moved to the mc1 subdomain.

The current primary www domain is going to be reworked as a portal to all My Colony Universe games, including Colony Wars, Colonial Tycoon, Death 3d, My Starship, Deimos, End of the Earth, High Noon, Sarge, and the upcoming My Colony 2. This will include not only information on all of the above titles, but also extensive backstory/lore information on the entire universe and all of the characters, presented in a Wiki style format. The new mc1 subdomain is primarily going to be used to hold colony websites and texture mods for MC1.

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