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Brandon Stecklein (bastecklein) is the creator, owner, and principal developer of Ape Apps. He started the business back in 2010 and operates it out of Spring Hill, Kansas.
2018-07-28 14:58:00

iOS is Where the Profits Are

For those who followed my old development blog at, you might recall that for several years, I made a large percentage of my income through "prank" type apps on Google Play. Apps like Age Scanner, Lie Detector, and Fingerprint Lock Screen brought me literally thousands of dollars per month, and even though the apps didn't do anything real "functionality"-wise, there was obviously large consumer demand for these kinds of apps, as evidenced by the large revenues they were bringing in on a monthly basis.

That all changed in the spring of 2015, when Google suddenly took down virtually all of my prank-type apps from the Play Store all at once. The months that followed saw a steady decrease in revenues week after week, as my app library slowly faded from peoples devices (and from existence). During this time my business was largely held afloat by my PDF Document Scanner app on Android, and by my various offerings on the Windows Store (at that time, Windows Phone was also still a thing). In 2016 I got lucky when My Colony ended up taking off across all platforms, giving me much needed time to reorganize my business and rebuild.
2018-07-14 21:42:07

Cease and Desist

Note: This was originally published on back on March 29, 2015. I am reposting it here for historical purposes, and so I do not forget about the sad death of my awesome Forum Fiend app. The experience remains relevant today, as it is one of the primary reasons why I am writing my own forum software (this website) as opposed to using one of the many pre-built packages that are out there.

So this week has been pretty hectic for me, as I have been in the middle of moving into a new house. Friday afternoon I was back at the old house with a handyman fixing things up to get the old house ready to put up on the market, when the FedEx guy shows up at my front door carrying an overnight envelope from Tapatalk, Inc. Inside was a cease and desist letter regarding Forum Fiend, a mobile app for Android and Windows Phone that I had been developing since fall 2013.
2018-07-14 15:25:30

New Development Blog Home

Those who have been long time followers of my work may remember my old development blog at, which at one time had a pretty good following. It ran on a WordPress server, and at one point about three years ago (or so), I somehow ended up crashing the server while trying to install some extensions. After messing with it for a bit, I ended up getting discouraged and just closing out the site.