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@bastecklein any way you can restore his files? I'm not seeing anything I can do on my side
6mo ago
Is there a call limit on requests to the API?
10mo ago
The way the game handles colonists is a bit different now. Your not able to click on them. It was changed to better handle system resources
1y ago
Could turn off water and food production
1y ago
What is the name of the colony you are having the issue on?
1y ago
Na, you'll be ok!

Happy holidays!
2y ago
bastecklein said:Sure thing @Luker124 , I am down whenever, (provided I'm not busy at the time!)
I am actually completely gutting/renovating a house at the moment, so I haven't been spending a lot of time coding, but I can sure make time for another chat session.

You're house?
Is there a time frame you'd like to shoot for?
2y ago
If you have not played for a few months it gets auto deleted
2y ago
@bastecklein is there a way to pull his saves on your side and email it in a zip file?
2y ago
It loads ok for me. Do you have a firewall up? Sometimes connections get blocked there. @colbya
2y ago
If you minimize it into the taskbar it freezes the game. However if you leave it behind another window it should continue to work fine
2y ago
Did you look in the statistics to make sure you actually have children?
Also depending on map size sometimes it can take a few to reflect numbers wise.
2y ago
@bastecklein i think this is a bug on some Android devices.
Mine personally is ok but Im using a higher end device.
Can you let us know what device you're using? Along with Android version
Also just for the sake of argument.
Settings > apps > clear cache (only, ONLY select clear cache). See if that helps.
2y ago
Can you click on the border to move maps?
2y ago
Vas said:You've never heard of temporary kicks, suspensions, etc? Warnings placed against accounts, not just "Hey stop doing that or else I might do something sometime somewhen!"

But, whatever, I don't care. They said you wouldn't do anything, and you didn't. All you did was say I'm to blame. So be it.

Nowhere do i see that you are the sole person to blame. All parties were in the wrong. In addition you are the first person to have an issue to this extent since the chat function was implemented.
I'm sure in the future when the chat options get expanded more your points will be weighed for the system.
Either way thank you for pointing some things out and making your opinion heard!
Lets all get back to playing My Colony and having fun!
2y ago
The new clear option helped fix it.
2y ago
Im seeing this too.
2y ago
@delfa123 removed the extra posts.
2y ago


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