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My Colony Podcast

The official podcast for My Colony. Includes commentary from the game developer and community discussion.

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The official My Colony blog! Find game information, release notes, and changelogs here.
RE:Can an Old iPad Host a My Colony 2 Dedicated Server?
by wereto9937
4d ago
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Topics or posts which do not fit in any other My Colony category. Talk about game related topics, or anything else you want to.
RE:in game federations
by Violattorp78
1mo ago
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My Colony is still under active development, and updates are made with a heavy emphasis on user feedback! Leave your here and see your ideas make it into the next update!
Offline Mode Needs To Be Fixe
by Ikacprzak042
2d ago
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If you find bugs or glitches in My Colony, file a report here so the honorable bastecklein can get them fixed.
RE:Consulate not in building list
by OilChan
3d ago
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A section for questions about My Colony game play. If you don't know how to do something in the game, this is the place to ask.
researched tech dissapears
by Millocracy
25d ago
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If you have a technical issue with My Colony, post it here! Somebody is sure to help.
RE:Download on Windows 10
by yazminkessler
1d ago
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A forum dedicated to Federations, or groups of independent online commonwealth colonies.
RE:Terra Novan Trade League "The underdogs will prevail!"
by therealchromedino
8mo ago
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Talk about Commonwealths, brag about your own, post charter codes, or find a commonwealth to join.
RE:New Earth is Independent - Join today if you are interested!
by Architecture1134
9mo ago
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Share and discuss your tips on playing the game, or post and share FAQ's to help out your fellow players!
offline to online
by jenzo704
3mo ago
180 Posts
Find and download user created My Colony texture mod packs, or host and share your own!
RE:Is there still a way to make texture mods?
by RunkleSkiff
2mo ago
95 Posts
Information and discussion for developers who wish to create add ons, companion apps, and mods for My Colony.
In-Game Editor
by Architecture1134
11mo ago
74 Posts
Report cheating/hacking or other inappropriate behavior you see online here.
RE:(REPORT) Unknown items from GBT
by Architecture1134
11mo ago
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Upload, share, and discuss custom My Colony maps.
RE:[MAP] Strong Intermediate
by Josepholden16
18d ago
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Ideas, planning, suggestions and anything related to My Colony 2. Updates are made with a heavy emphasis on user feedback, so leave your here and see your ideas make it into the next update!
Allow modding to change statistic distances
by OilChan
3d ago
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A forum for advertising your dedicated servers, universes, and star reporting end points that players can use/connect to in My Colony 2!
[NEWSFEED] Spamlandian Broadcasting Service
by spamdude
1mo ago
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Found an annoying bug or glitch in My Colony 2 that need addressed? Post it here!
RE:Can't select buildings
by EvRan
19d ago
56 Posts
If you have questions about the game, either gameplay or technical related, post them here!
RE:Red World Purple Alien Ore
by spamdude
1mo ago
Pages in the section are related to creating mods or working on the development of My Colony 2.
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Discuss all things Death 3d, including bug reports, and game suggestions!
RE:Death 3D v2.0.0 Released
by RekEm1999
3mo ago
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Here is the official general forum for all things related to Colony Wars, the real time strategy game from Ape Apps!
RE:Colony Wars v0.2.0 Released
by leoga
1mo ago
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Discuss other games in the My Colony Universe, such as My Starship, Sarge, or the Deimos trilogy.
RE:[My Starships] Perhaps some ships of other minor civilizations
by bastecklein
9mo ago
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The official forum for Terra Nova 4X, the turn based 4X strategy game based on the My Colony Universe!
RE:[Terra Nova 4X] What if we can have different unit designs per faction
by RekEm1999
8mo ago
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