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I am the guy behind Terra Nova. I am decently active, and always willing to help new players!

Terra Nova: SXVOfRjX

To do list:

1. Improve my alien structure models

2. Propose the idea of Lava World?

3. Propose some new late-game content from MC1?
Q: How do I get gold and aluminum?

A: You gotta look around and expand to these resources. A good method to do that is called RMD bridging, where you expand your borders by building Raw Materials Deopots to where you need to harvest at.

Q: I can't find any uranium!

A: There are no uranium deposits, you have to make use of the Uranium Synthesis Lab.

"The high and mighty in your settlement can't stand to use a regular old blood bank! No, you need this Golden Blood Bank. Disclaimer: Vampires not welcome!"


"A bigger blood bank for a bigger colonist ego! Still doesn't accept vampires."

I still want this in a future update...
"This larger blood bank supplies most of a growing settlement's blood needs! The no-vampire policy has not changed."

Contrary to popular belief, the Quantum Nuclear Water Synthesis Plant is not made with quantum tech at all, but is rather made with transcendent tech.

Hello @bastecklein! I have remastered the current transcendent stuff to make them match a new transcendent style!

Transcendent Builder:

Indoctrination Center:

"We originally thought that the ancients knew everything about solar energy. Well, we just improved upon their designs to be able to capture even more energy from our star. Behold the ultimate in solar energy!"

This is the regular Ore Synthesis Lab, but alien. It is perfect for when you have 0 clue what to do with all of that regolith!

Image of it here since I forgor in the first reply.

I think that this one should be implemented first, rather than the Alien one.

Behold, the Advanced Uranium Synthesis Lab!

Have you ever looked at the My Colony Classic worldtype's model and think: "Why is this worldtype here?" And played it and thought: "Why does excavating give me nothing?" Well, this model answers both questions! This model portrays the My Colony Classic worldtype as an Orbital Habitat, which is an artificial structure designed to house people in orbit. This model would explain all of My Colony Classic's strangeness. Even the fact that Oil Fracking Operations can be built there can be explained as the fracking ops digging into busted Oil pipes. It explains why nothing is gathered via excavating: There simply isn't anything underground, its an artificial worldtype! It explains why this worldtype is here: You built it!

Hello @bastecklein! In case you don't want to use my .c2d file, I have all of the dusk world models here in this handy .zip file if you want to manually add the worldtype in yourself!
Alternatively there is the .c2d file.
Hello! If you haven't already seen my Dusk World submission, please do look at it in the data file submission area. Anyways, this is the decorative variant of Duskshrooms, as I found them quite visually appealing.

Duskshroom 1:

Duskshroom 2:

Duskshroom 3:

Duskshroom 4:

"This Blood Bank is perfect for when you lose a lot of blood and need a transfusion! After all, you never know when you need more blood after surgery. Remember that this is a vampire-free facility."

An image of this beautiful world in action!

please if you wanna test it convert it into a .c2m first, it acts weird without it

Hello! I have this interesting worldtype that I would like to submit to the base game! I already balanced the content, and it should be easy to implement as its a .c2d file!

What to expect from this worldtype:

Duskshrooms (Better watch out, Spice)
Duskshrooms are quite the bizarre mushroom, which the entire planet is covered in! It might even be that the planet is a Duskshroom hive! Anyways, they are just as profitable as Spice and Diamonds, with further potential uses!

Small Thermal Plant
The Small Thermal Plant is another starting power source, perfect for when there is no sun nor any wood!

Dusk Rover
The Dusk Rover is a new unit with the sole purpose of harvesting duskshrooms!

And plenty more stuff!


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