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I am the guy behind Terra Nova. I am decently active, and always willing to help new players!

Terra Nova: SXVOfRjX

To do list:

1. Improve my alien structure models

2. Propose the idea of Lava World?

3. Propose some new late-game content from MC1?
Hello! You have seen a lot from me recently, but alas I have yet another world type. Lava World! I have made the planet model, and a few essential models for it!

Naturally there will be Cobalt and Obsidian, but did you know that Lava itself has uses!

Here are some pumps for it!



"Where am I gonna store all of this Lava?"
Glad you asked, its in the Lava Tank!

"...what am I supposed to do with this Lava?"
Good question, maybe Lava Moat, but for now turn it into Ore at this LavaCooler!

That's my content dump for this week @bastecklein . I will try to have content dumps like this every week!
Hello! As all savvy Spice Worlds know, there is a building called the Spice Drilling Operation, and it is essential for us! The even savvier ones would know that I am the guy who made the model! But, looking back at it, the quality is unaccaptable when we got all these shiny new models! So naturally, I got to work updating the thing.
Its the ticket to the good life, Wadaling
SPARKY0303 said:i got very worried that my large models was going to get redesigned but very very glad you still chose mine no hate against waddling just love the models . thank you !

I don't know fam, sounds like somebody is clingy to their models. Still salty about that Spice Den change, and I'm not alone.

Anyways, salt out of the way, I miss ya man. Hope you are doing well!
Hello! I really like the idea of Lava World. There is one issue with it that really prevents people from being able to enjoy it. That is that Humans cannot settle it without the use of janky Multiplayer Regions. I have an idea to fix that. It's as simple as just adding Lava World to the list of UE's worlds. There is already infrastructure there, and as is it's theoretically possible for a UE settlement to reach DM there. All you need to do is just add Lava World to UE's world type list. Please, @bastecklein , it would be perfect for My Colony's 10th anniversary, and it would mean a lot more to us than just an ape coin building alone. I know that you have stopped development of My Colony, but please just this one thing?
Hello again! I have a Uranium Synthesis Lab for ya. It is not meant to be as good as the Uranium Enrichment Facility, but could be a lifesaver if you got rotten luck and no Uranium in a large area around you (Or it could potentially open the door for an Asteroid worldtype) Anyways, it comes in 2 varieties, Very Inefficient or Less Inefficient (Regular and Advanced) I was thinking that maybe they consume Aluminum, Ore, and Rum?

Modelled off of @GeneralWadaling 's new synthesis labs.

Advanced One:

Regular One:

I third that.
Hello! Recently @GeneralWadaling had posted some new models, including some for the Gold Synthesis Lab and a potential Advanced Gold Synthesis Lab. Seeing these models and loving them, I had decided to make an Alien Gold Synthesis Lab remake. No, @SPARKY0303 , this is not a truely alien building, but rather it is a Human adaptation of said technology. It follows a simple theme which I personally am quite fond of. Alien Models are naturally going to appear a bit lazy, as the traditional alien pathway from MC1 was a bit lazy. Consistency matters, therefore this model exists. I do plan on updating my Alien Uranium Enrichment Facility to match Wadaling's Uranium Enrichment Facility.

this was the dawn of a new age
Hello! I have an idea for an extremely challenging world type, so I will share it with you. I call it the Veiled World. It has zero surface materials, but a TON of resources underground. Your MC2 knowledge will be put to the test. Can you survive the Veiled World? I believe you can. I have attatched a model of the Veiled World, a sprite of it, and a .c2m

The .c2m changes very little, but some things needed to be changed to make it possible.

Greenhouse Parks can now be built by Builder Bots
Recycling Centers no longer cost Aluminum
The Wind Trap and Basic Driller can be built on Veiled World
All the ether stuff can be built on Veiled World
Ether Reactors now produce trace amounts of Uranium
Regolith Extraction Plants can be built on Veiled World

I would believe the order of progression goes like this:

Lander->Spare Parts Bin->Basic Driller->Ore Refinery->Greenhouse Park->Charcoal Hut/Charcoal Factory->Gold Extractor->Microchip Factory->Small Software Studio->Recycling Center->Regolith Extraction Plant->Ether Pump/Ether Well->Ether Reactor->Excavator. After that, gameplay becomes normal from there on out.
I would like something such as expeditions to another world (very ambitious as usual), where we could have a limited trip to another world type. Maybe even worlds not featured in MC1; such as Spice World from MC2, Veiled World from MC2's Extra Worlds mod, and maybe even a Comet!

Also, yes, Extra Worlds will get updated to the current version of MC2, along with some nice EW world models!
I really like the idea of expeditions. I might work on some sprites for it.
I would really want this to be implemented so that Ice World is actually playable.
nice, somebody else agrees with me
While looking at an eraser, I have figured out what Forest World's exclusive resource should be: Rubber!

Rubber has tons of factory uses, comes from Rubber Trees, and is just great all around!

Some ideas for buildings:

Rubber Tree Grove

Rubber Tree Farm

Rubber Processing Plant

An idea for a unit:


Models coming soon!


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