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I am the one of the guys who make models for MC2. I also moderate MC2 and MC1 Ape Chat.

Terra Nova: SXVOfRjX

To do list:

1. Be the best moderator I can be

2. Work on Dusk World voxels

3. Get good at voxelling units
With the recent inclusion of the Alpha Draconians, and the upcoming Faith feature, I decided to also create the Alpha Draconians' faith structures as well. This Data Object includes the Shrine of Our Ancestors and the Temple of Our Fathers.

Shrine of Our Ancestors:

Temple of Our Fathers:

Data Object:

And here is the Potter's Den, in case you thought that humans were the only ones that are allowed to make pottery.
"A colonist looks out of her home of Geubega, and admires the starry night. It was a peaceful night. Then, a loud sonic boom was heard. Then, an unidentified ship was spotted, landing on the island on the horizon. Out from it came three lizard-men, and a strange floating robot of sorts. The robot began to immediately build structures with technology never seen before."

"United Earth's place in the galaxy is at risk. Because the Alpha Draconians have woken up, and are now relentlessly expanding. Will you stay loyal to humanity? Or will you join the Alpha Draconians?"

Please use this fixed version:

Plus this fixed Wood Processor (It has to make it in, forest world is UNPLAYABLE without it.)

The Tax Collection Agency (A last minute addition that I didn't voxel until after I posted this):

Centireactor (Another last minute addition that I really want since it is a MC2 original):


An example of a busy Draconian Settlement:

Over 40 structures contained in this data object.
This data object consists of Outpost Shuttles, a flying variant of the Mobile Outpost that moves incredibly quickly and allows for much further settlements to be established.

"Sell cheap trinkets and keepsakes at outrageous prices at this Gift Shop! After all, a tourist is gonna want something to prove that they were here."

What about massive settlements? Could I build more than one of these to connect different corners of my massive city? Or would I have to look elsewhere, for something that could carry the player across my massive settlement?
"Initially, we thought that Diamond Solar Roads were the ultimate in solar tech. Turns out the ancients knew a thing or two about solar roads!"
And the same settlement at night (after a bit of development ofc):

The Obsidian Miner next to a hard working Desert Rover:

Lava World during the day (Settlement being in a strategic location, in a Rare Resource Oasis (uncommon) and next to an Obsidian Flat (Common)), with all engine settings on:

This includes Obsidian, Obsidian Deposits, Diablo Crystalline, an under the hood rework for a few structures (simplifying blocked on worlds and requires worlds, no actual change occurred), Steel and Gold Bridges, Obsidian Rover, even a small change to the Small Thermal Plant that allows it to be built on Lava World!
This worldtype has always been one of my favorites, so I went through the work of creating a data object of it for MC2!

Note that the lava levels are stagnant, because of the fact that #1 I can't make it rise and fall and #2 it would lag MC2 into crashing due to the infinite worldsize.
@bastecklein here is the player mode transport that you wanted.

"A reliable shuttle that can get your colonists and any guests from point A to point B; Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ether, Duskshroom Spores, Sandstorm, Dust Storm, and anything in between!"

A preview:

Dusk Fruit Lab:

Dusk Palm:

Dusk Palm Sapling:

And last but not least, the Dusk Fruit:

This data file includes 3 new structures, a new resource similar to tree saplings, 2 new terrain objects, 1 new script, and a new technology that is exclusive to Dusk World!

"When water extractors simply are not cutting it anymore, you need this Water Extraction Plant. Provides lots of drinkable water for the settlement, and provides 20 jobs for your colonists. What's not to like?"


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