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I am the guy behind Terra Nova. I am decently active, and always willing to help new players!

Terra Nova: SXVOfRjX
Try logging onto your account in the android app, then log onto the pc app.

I do not know wether or not it works for android, it does work for IOS though.
harambelord said:I transfer the premium key from my phone but it can't seem to work on my pc. It says that it's corrupted or something. What can I do?

I just logged into my account on my phone and relogged back on pc, and that kinda automatically transferred my premium.

That helped me not only with MC1, but MC2 and Antiquitas (Yes, I do indeed play Antiquitas.)
coltergeist said:sorry if this is a dumb question, but i just got the steam version of the game and it says i have premium on there, but not when i log in on my phone

This was done to not violate Steam's policies, as Steam has a policy that states that no app should have external purchases.
Cobbster said:can someone please reset the market prices please

This was intentional, as people (inccluding myself) were exploiting the GBT imports and exports for crazy amounts of money.

Hope this helps.
So, I have an idea: The gold refinery was not really used that much in MC1, so why not give it a use in MC2?

This is basically an early-game Gold Synthesis Lab, wether or not it requires premium is up to you.

Costs would be the same as the MC1 Gold Refinery.

Maybe it refines 1 Gold into 5 Gold every 1000 ticks?

Here is model and picture (I actually made it this time, not a reskin.)

Any feedback would be great!
Greetings! It is Dino, and I have an idea. This has already been implemented into Dino's Tweaks, but I decided to perhaps try to get it in the main game.

So, the gold fracking operation would hopefully solve the gold problems. It is your choice wether or not it requires premium, but I have gone ahead and done a concept model (Note: the concept model IS a reskin of the ore fracking operation.)

This problem did not exist prior to the GBT update. It is so laggy, that my desert world turns into a powerpoint whenever I load in a new chunk. (I often load new chunks, as that is how I get more Gold.)

A few fix ideas:

Maybe add more preformance settings?

Round up some extra code? (Ie. Variables, values, etc.)

I really love MC2, and I do not want for this to be a problem every time I load it.

I approve of the recent updates, btw.

I also really like how MC2 is super moddable! Makes my life easier (Modder).

Help, excavation is not working atm, whenever I order my excavators to dig up a hill, they go over there, but do not dig. This is a major issue, as that is my main source of Gold (Gold synthesis labs do not produce enough output to really be an efficient source of Gold.).

Please look into this, as this is quite devastating for my gold supplies.

I am playing on the Web Client.
Architecture1134 said:Hi. I'm looking for someone who controls their planet, with 65536 power in their cities. Do you have any colony like this? You may post here! (TYPE I CIVS ONLY)

Well, Terra Nova does have around 300 ish million power. I am working on creating more to fuel my nanite and weapons industries. I also have around 4 million bandwidth. Hope that might be relevant.
2048tm said:I don't really understand how you make money. Do you play games to help others?

It is in-game money, not actual money. If it was actual money, I would be a trillionare, lol.
I like this idea! I will see about maybe doing some spriting and expansion for this idea! I feel like this type of civilization would suit MC1 well! I will try to get some of my concept sprites over to Bast as soon as I can!

Disclaimer: I am not a spriter for MC1, I am just a die-hard fan who knows how to sprite and script.
Were you logged into your Ape Apps Account before or after this issue happened?

As when you are not logged in, it has a different, auto generated user.
When you are logged in, it has your Ape Apps account as your user, not the auto generated user.

Hope this helps!
So, I created a settlement a while back to mine gold (As one does.) I then built a new settlement near it (A long while later, forgot about the first settlement.). Quite the beautiful desert sea settlement, took me quite a while to terraform it. The first settlement near it is uninhabited. I build a plastic factory at that beautiful settlement instead of my main settlement, and I go to build some dorms next to the factory. The engine decided that the dorms did not belong to the intended settlement which shares borders with it, but rather that it belongs to the first, forgotten settlement, which is diagonal to it, only sharing a vertical angle to it. I get confused as to why it does not have power, then I look and then see the problem. I try deleting everything at that old settlement, I then try excavating the solar roads that I built for the area next to the plastic factory (yes, the area that the first settlement took.) That did not work. I need help getting rid of the first settlement (Settlement name is Bekzuku.) My planet name is "hot", in case anyone can help to get rid of it.

Please help me get rid of this first settlement.
So, I have a fairly large GDP (Around 600 trillion atm, and around 600 million per capita). It is a struggle to pay all of my workers (My economy is built around nanites and selling nanites on the GBT), especially since I am forking over TENS OF TRILLIONS to pay all of my colonists' payroll, and that does not seem to be enough for them. Any clues on how I can solve this payroll problem?
Hello! I have been struggling with entertaining all 900k people in Terra Nova. I have done some thinking, and I think that the Internet Relay Booth could use some upgraded forms. So I did a rough sketch and some rough stats and costs. Still working on the sprites, but I have the basics down. Here they are:

Internet Server Building
Tech Requirement: Basic Network Infrastructure
Upgrades from: Internet relay booth
Built by: Advanced Builder Bot
Cost: 2,000 ore, 35 steel, 25 gold, 7 microchip, 3 software
Utility Cost: 10 power, 5 bandwidth
Generates: 35 bandwidth
Workers: 3
Occupation: Scientist
Entertains: 16
Entertainment Cost: $1
Educates: 10
Provides IQ: 125
Tax Value: $10

Large Internet Server Building
Tech Requirement: Mass Data Management
Upgrades to: Nanite Internet Server Building
Built by: Megabot, Megabot Deluxe
Cost: 50,000 ore, 5,000 steel, 5,000 gold, 5,000 aluminum, 1,000 software, 5,000 microchip, 6,000 plastic
Utility Cost: 500 power, 50 bandwidth
Generates: 500 bandwidth
Workers: 10
Occupation: Scientist
Entertains: 2,000
Entertainment Cost: $10
Educates: 1,000
Provides IQ: 155
Tax Value: $100

Nanite Internet Server Building
Tech Requirement: Mass Data Management, Advanced Nanotechnology
Upgrades from: Large Internet Server Building
Built by: Megabot, Megabot Deluxe
Cost: 600,000 ore, 10,000 steel, 10,000 gold, 6,000 microchip, 1,500 nanite, 12,000 plastic, 10,000 aluminum, 600 robot, 2,000 triantanium, 4,000 uranium, 500 cobalt
Utility Cost: 1,000 power, 250 bandwidth
Generates: 1,000 bandwidth
Consumes: Cobalt, Nanite, Uranium, Triantanium
Entertains: 20,000
Entertainment Cost: $10
Educates: 2,000
Provides IQ: 300
Tax Value: $1,000

These are only rough, but I hope that they are alright!
josip0101v said:way to monetize development of this game could be that new update with new tech or buildings cost some $, but after like 2-3 months they become free. then maybe new game update can roll on...

but please, fix saves 1st

josip, I am afraid that I will have to disagree on this. I personally, as a game designer, think that this would be harder to code in, and adds a pay to win aspect. Bast has specifically said that the limited building appearances are not a pay to win thing. This would defeat the purpose of it.

I however have my own suggestion: Add community contests for limited building appearances. This will get the community involved, and I predict that it would cause the community to have a positive reception, therefore increasing limited building appearance sales.

Please, bast, anything but what josip just said... That would cripple Terra Nova and countless others.

With regards,

Dino, Emperor of Terra Nova.

Also, I am working on some rough spriting on possible Internet Relay Booth upgrades, which should add a viable option for late-game entertainment, as these upgrades would go on into nanotech. Off topic, but just wanted to say.
Embassies with alien colonies also allow for alien immigration.
With the new update, Ether can now be obtained from the Octagon, which IS a late-game building. You will need some nanites + weapons of mass destruction to make it, but it opens up ether for offline UE colonies.

Hope that helps!

With regards,
Dino, Emperor of Terra Nova.
Also, 134M GDP per capita... 560K workers... Man I'm dead...

Edit: My GDP per capita has skyrocketed to 844M and my GDP has skyrocketed to 784 TRILLION. I am pretty much done for, especially since the nanite market crashed. A bit of hope though for me is the skyrocket in Weapons of Mass Destruction prices, which is at levels not even starships have reached before. Cash into the market while you can!


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