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I am the guy behind Terra Nova. I am decently active, and always willing to help new players!

Terra Nova: SXVOfRjX

To do list:

1. Improve my alien structure models

2. Propose the idea of Lava World?

3. Propose some new late-game content from MC1?
I am an idiot. I accidentally reported my own message. Please disregard that.
Are you sick and tired of your trophies being stolen by Tef and Eq? Do you wish to be able to have an active community that supports each other? Do you wish to have the ability to freely ask for resources and communicate with the trade league in ways that are hardly done? Do you want friends?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the Terra Novan Trade League is the federation for you! With ensured activity of the federation, and with its doors being open to all, you can almost always get in the federation in decent time!

Join us, and let us prosper together!

We have a discord link, which we will publish here:

For a brighter future!

(Disclaimer: I and the Terra Nova from the new game are not the same planet lol. Terra Nova from the new game becomes Independent State, while I am just the Earthlike Terra Nova. Kinda Terra Nova take 2 if you will.)
This bug is a big problem, as I enjoy playing MC1 very much. I have access to it with a chromebook, but I would still like for this to be fixed. I pulled up inspect, and it said something about an invalid value. You might wanna look into that.
RLMYTHICALLEGEND said:Even though Bast could potentially use nanite tech and potentially simulation tech for next-tier shipyards, keep in mind that starships are supposed to be that one resource in the game that's rare and expensive, making them a luxury owning even 100 will look good to a colony. It's not supposed to be as abundant as other resources like steel or food.

I believe that DM took the starship's spot there. Starships are very important in DM production. Therefore, a DM starship building may be needed.
One problem that I run into on a water world is running out of space to build. Well, if we were able to build on Paste Pontoons and Mesh Tiles, it would be nice. I get the weirdness about digging stuffs on there, so maybe a blacklist of things that cannot be built on them (IE. Ore Fracking Operation, the mines, Subterranean charcoal cavern, Rum cellar, Subterranean Food Storage, Helium Nanomines, Nano Crystal Tubes, etc.)

That would be a really nice QoL change.
RekEm1999 said:This is an end game structure that will produce steel at a rate that will vastly exceed that of Ancient Alien Steel manufacturing. This structure should be able to produce at least a few hundred times more than the Ancient Alien Steel in order to make that 35T price tag unlocking the technology worth it.

Well, I like this idea, but a sprite needs to be made for it. I believe that I could make something... I will try to make a sprite for it...
I use this for worlds that I own lol. Keep up the good work spamdude!
So, have you ever thought that the economy in MC2 was a bit bland? Ever wished that there was more flavor? If yes, then look no further! This data file contains some economic events surrounding buildings in game that are economy-related. There is even a one time per planet event surrounding the Galactic Stock Exchange that is based on a real catastrophe! I was limited by the options for adding scripts, I would have liked for some of the inflation and miscalculation events to be random. For now, they surround the special Galactic Stock Exchange event.

If I can improve on this idea in any way, please let me know!
Hmm, I like where this is going...
spamdude said:no permission to view wall which means I'm blocked, very interesting
@bastecklein, this guy now has over 4 trillion GDP on the main universe. This simply should not be possible.

Huh, the guy blocked me too. I guess I did kinda call him out on his exploiting. I do not think that this is possible.
spamdude said:You nailed the color scheme, but personally I think the structures should be a bit more differentiation given that they're part of a very unique and important tech. So far, all of the alien stuff in game has an artifact motif; that along with more wires and machinery on the outside would improve the looks a lot. In My Colony, newer alien structures which have no previous derivatives also tend to be rather tall and follow simple geometric designs, and it would be awesome to see something like this in MC2. Finally, based on the existing Alien Microchip Factory, you might want to set your windows to ordinary blue, though the magenta would make for good detailing. Remember, don't just make it alien, make it ALIEN! :)

Thanks for the advice, I will get to work on that right now! I really appreciate the constructive criticism!
There was not a reporting forum in MC2, so I will post this in MC1. I do not think it is possible for a 3k pop colony to have 1T gdp.

Hello! I have yet even more ancient alien stuffs! I was able to make the glow radius of the street light more than 200 due to a glitch (it is 8000 lol). Anyways, enough of my talking, and time for the buildings. (Please note: These are reskins of existing models. I thought that it would fit the theme of Alien Upgrades.)

First off: The Alien Uranium Enrichment Facility.

Next: The Quantum Software Studio.

The Alien Recycling Center.

The Quantum Warehouse.

The Alien Plastic Factory.

The Alien Ore Refinery.

The Quantum Nuclear Reactor.

The Quantum Oil Tank.

The Alien Light Post.

And finally, the Alien Street Light.

I might add to this list later lol.
I like this idea! This would definitely add more incentive to build higher education buildings!
zaikO said:I ran into this very problem today. Don't suppose you figured something out?

Still figuring it out lol.
This upgrade to the gold synthesis lab exists in My Colony 1, so why does it not exist in My Colony 2? Well, lets change that. Seeing as new buildings need more and more gold, we will need a gold synthesis lab that can keep up with the demand. That is where the Ancient Alien Gold Synthesis Lab comes in. As the alien upgrade to the regular lab, this lab is more expensive to make and needs artifacts, but it produces way more gold. Since the ancient alien gold synthesis lab was a reskin of the gold synthesis lab, I thought that this one should follow suit. I have a reskinned gold synthesis lab to follow with the ancient alien theme.

I know that I have already posted about the sugar factory, but I wanted to add a data bundle with it. It also includes the dark pavement from MC1, and a new Hardened Solar Road (Looks similar to the Solar Tower).
So, I have always wanted to trade resources while using the "Alive Steel" Mod from the modshop. Well, I have made a universe for that. The universe key is "alivesteeluni". This is one step forward.
I have been noticing that the sugar extraction labs just do not cut it for the amount of rum I need for my industry. Sugar has no real industrial buildings. I have made a model for a factory that would fix that. Very simple model, made it myself. Will blend right in in an industrial setting.
Are you looking for a more challenging server? Perhaps one that is a spice world? If the answer to those questions is yes, then Terra Divitiae is for you! With the name translating to "Land of Wealth", what's not to like! It is a hard start, but riches do not come easily!


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