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A small python script to programmatically edit Voxel Paint files.
Current features include:

Rectangular, color-based, and key-based methods for quick and easy selection
Voxel cloning for repetitive parts in your model
Transformation and reflection functions (but no rotation yet)
Easy color mapping and custom voxel grouping for partitioning your model
Eraser for erasing big mistakes while leaving the rest of your model intact

It isn't complete yet and there will likely be certain parts of it that have bugs,
but it will continually be refined until there's nothing left on the to-do list.

All you need is rudimentary knowledge of Python.
20d ago
Construction Quay for larger naval units

(without barge)
22d ago
remodeled troop transport (to match the style and also just for an overall better model)

This surprisingly capacious vehicle can shuttle up to 30 units across vast distances, but someone forgot to put guns on it. Oh.

25d ago
.vpp files are voxel paint files which represent the 3d models within My Colony 2. Mod files and entity data files in My Colony 2 end in .c2m or .c2d respectively.
25d ago
Would it also be possible to compile a color theme palette for the general style of various MC2 buildings?
30d ago
well I checked the stats for each one and Ore Fracking Operations are 1 ore per 58 ticks while Adv. Ore Refs are 11 ore every 150 ticks
but then again I haven't checked my own production yet
1mo ago
It would be nice if the output of Ore Fracking Operations could be increased slightly. They are moderately expensive, have relatively high workers, but it takes about 4 of them just to match the ore consumption of a single Advanced Ore Refinery. Of course, this wouldn't be a big problem for people right now, as ore can be found just about everywhere, but it would be annoying later on when buildings get significantly more expensive.
1mo ago
I have quite a few ideas for My Starship in 3D.

Online multiplayer?

Fleet mechanics and real-time combat:

With enough money/crew, you can pilot multiple starships around the galaxy (with one "head" ship containing your in-game manifestation) so you could do things like in-flight refueling or effective planet blockading. Most activities will be done in real time, including combat, but most of the fighting is loosely controlled or automatic so you don't have to worry about jumping between every one of your ships during a battle.

You may also encounter various NPC fleets throughout your travels, including all-purpose planetary fleets, United Earth Space Police, roaming pirates, freighter caravans, etc. which will engage with your own ships in various ways. You could also have various reputation meters with entities ranging from individual ships to entire civilizations, with higher reputation granting you bonuses such as trade discounts and combat assistance and lower reputation making you liable to attack. Reputation can be gained through missions or activities like destroying opposing entities' spaceships and lost by things like signing deals with an entity's enemies. In addition, some entities will have their own reputation meters towards one another for nuanced gameplay.

Star systems and geography:
FTL travel effect?
Hidden stars or planets that need specific coordinates or beacon-items to access (ancient alien tech?)
Magnetic anomalies or barriers preventing travel through a certain part of space
Capital ships?

Ability to set up various type-specific operations on unoccupied celestial bodies like asteroid mining operations, hidden shipyards on moons, spice harvesters on desert planets, etc.
Industrial operations can be blockaded, destroyed, or invaded by NPCs or other players
1mo ago

Troop Transport
A durable vehicle that can shuttle 26 units into the heat of battle. Surprising agile for its size, thanks to hover pads that replace the conventional caterpillar treads.
1mo ago

Troop Carrier
A lightly armored vehicle that can carry up to 8 units across the barren regolith.
Comes with guns, too!
1mo ago
wall đź‘Ť
1mo ago

Bulldozer, but 2x2. A powerful excavator that can reshape the surface of your settlement or bore into the ground to find buried mineral deposits.
1mo ago
Maybe it's just me, but I've gotten to the point in MC2 where my ore production's trickled down to not quite fast enough and I'm having to pan randomly over a distance of several chunks to find new ore deposits. As a result of my laziness, I came up with some ideas: a formal exploration mechanic and highways.
First off for the exploration thing: I was thinking you should be able to bring up a top-down map of explored ground in the s menu once you build a communications tower thing, which will function sort of like a map in Minecraft and display settlements, topography, and resource deposits. The communications tower would also have the added benefit of panning out your zoom to 1.5x its current maximum in a certain radius. However, map quality decreases the further out you get from your communications tower, cutting out completely once it passes the tower's radio distance. Your area of exploration can be increased by building more towers or cheaper, compact radio beacons within range of the first tower, and you can jump between towers on the map just by clicking. Furthermore, towers will even show players' militaries (if you have them) and will allow you to move your own troops to intercept them from the map. Finally, groups of rovers can be controlled through the map and assigned to mine out or leave alone specified ore deposits, all done from the security of the s screen.

A specialized type of pavement that consumes large amounts of electricity and bandwith, but make your rovers/vehicles/pedestrians go really fast. It has some drawbacks, which include limitations on turning and getting on or off the highway in the first place, but if set up correctly, can shoot rovers or construction units all over the map. Highways are also directional, meaning you'll need to build two strips just like a real highway in order to enable back-and-forth transportation.
1mo ago
print enough structures and you could simulate my colony 2 in real life
2mo ago
I have an idea regarding ancient alien tech and exploration: rare clusters of naturally generated alien structures throughout the map on certain world types. Besides the occasional abandoned alien structure, these clusters will feature various derelict buildings surrounding a central core of automated factories, or perhaps a library or consulate of some sort. There will always be at least one functional central building. The surrounding terrain will typically be paved. However, powerful sentry guns and antipersonnel turrets will be scattered throughout these clusters, preventing players from swooping in and grabbing resources, and requiring a colony to build up its military before attempting to explore the cluster. After overwhelming and gaining access to the cluster's central library/consulate, all the alien structures will become yours, including the factories. Resources will be diverted as such, and any storage buildings will also add to your own. However, as mentioned before, most of the buildings will be in some state of disrepair, and require large amounts of mid-game materials to return to a functioning state, along with the appropriate technologies.

Also, what if the ancients had a specialized variant resource of robots called something like Advanced Robots produced by their own buildings? They would be intercompatible with all buildings/processes involving Robots, except that they would be three times more efficient. For example, a 7000 robot building will only require 2334 Advanced Robots and a building consuming 1 robot every 3 ticks would take in 1 Advanced Robot every 9 ticks.
2mo ago
A thing. Intended to be built (halfway) over water, builds certain naval units, turns treasure into money and fish into research.
3mo ago


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