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RE:Oxygen gameplay

2020-07-02 19:47:34
Sounds like a good idea! Whenever I've showed my friends a My Colony lunar base, they've always found it ludicrous that there are He-3 generators but the colonists still somehow have infinite oxygen. And on that subject, I think that some buildings should be able to produce oxygen as well as atmosphere and the air scrubber should also be able to produce oxygen. Also, maybe some of the water-producing buildings should use up oxygen in production, because, you know, H2O.

RE:Colony Wars Progress to v1.0.0 Thread

2020-06-30 21:57:02
Also I play from the browser.

RE:Colony Wars Progress to v1.0.0 Thread

2020-06-30 21:55:04
Mr. Stecklein, the "connect to IP" button doesn't work for me when I try to play multiplayer. Might there be any particular reason why?

RE:Scroll2d and the Future of Ape Apps

2020-06-10 21:06:51
Will colony .mcz files from My Colony be compatible with MC2 or do we have to start over?


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