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RE:Colony Wars v0.5.0 Beta Released

2020-08-25 22:59:08
I suggest adding bombs and traps to the game.
That way, if an enemy tank convoy is heading to your base, they can be blown into bits by a land mine and your base will be saved.
Also, I think that maybe you should increase unit production speed with more unit producers. For example, if you have two barracks, all soldiers will train twice as fast or something like that.
Underdeveloped ideas:
Cloning pods: Extreme troop production speed
Radar tower: Extend your visibility by a lot. Also acts as air defense.
Fighter jets that can bomb other bases (target option when selected)
Plasma tank: The father of all tanks. Does extreme overkill with area damage, but moves very, very slowly. Cannot shoot down air units.
"Pyro" unit
Short range teleporter pairs for sending troops back and forth between places
Increased building range
Trucks and other terrestrial troop carriers
The ability to select all units of one type (like My Colony) with long click
Rocket infantry splash damage
A custom in-game flag for players that can be deployed on the battlefield
And the Death Star.

Colony war?

2020-08-08 21:42:20
I have an idea for MC2: Everyone who plays can only colonize one planet freely at a time. I know that a lot of people will think my idea is preposterous, but I haven't finished yet. My idea is that once a planet, Commonwealth, or Federation has reached Starship-tier technology, they can send out starships to scout for new planets to colonize. The thing is, however, there are only a certain amount of new planets to colonize for all of the players, so they will need to wage war or something like that to gain ownership of the planets, which will be richer in natural resources compared to the starter planets. The war is completely optional, so you can stick to one planet if you wish. The way the war works is sort of like clan wars in Clash Royale: the owners of the disputing colonies meet at a specified time and each try to colonize the new planet while destroying their opponents. For the war itself: It will be sort of like the existing Colony Wars, except that there are a lot more resources than just "units" (think microchips and plastic) and the soldier system will be a lot more different. Instead of just creating soldiers out of thin air, they will need to either be drafted from your home planet for a fee of $500 or something like that and sent through starships or a star gate once you build one, or cloned using buildings on the war planet (this is for free.) When you first import soldiers, they will be "untrained", and there are still additional resources required in that. I also plan to take advantage of the multiplayer paradigm for this war; if an entire Commonwealth has chosen to go to war, the entire Commonwealth can participate in the war. Uh, I'll put in some more ideas, but those are just my thoughts for the moment. Sorry if I rambled a bit. New resource: munitions?

RE:Resources that will be in MC2? (Suggestion)

2020-07-28 00:55:51
New resource idea: Bacteria

A mid-game resource, Bacteria is actually the simplest single-celled organism alive, produced in mass amounts by our scientists. It's not a construction material or vital resource, but it is used to do a lot of things. Because it's so simple (and prone to mutations), it can be genetically modified to grow into food, genetically modified to eat garbage and clean the planet, or genetically modified to produce medicine compounds as a by-product of metabolism. Point is, it can be genetically modified for a lot of useful purposes. It is stored in Bacteria Tanks or Quantum Bacteria Tanks, which require constant inspection maintenance in order to keep the bacteria from mutating the wrong way and eating/destroying the tanks and then the world. If the tanks spill, however, the bacteria can mutate and cause massive crowd diseases in your population, so even if your colony has a population of a billion and has a GDP of over a quadrillion, you'll still have to keep an eye on your bacteria tanks and repair them from time to time. Sorry if my writing is hard to understand or is of poor quality, but these are just my thoughts.

RE: Solar system concept

2020-07-27 23:21:24
Quick idea: What if there were some "disputed" planets/solar systems that weren't inhabited that multiple commonwealths or players could try to take over for themselves? This is where the idea of Colony Wars comes in: have multiple players wage out an epic war to gain control of a planet and its resources. The requirements for participation are that you must be independent, and that you must have already colonized your own planet. After the war, to ensure that nobody else takes over your planet, you have to build a DEATH LASER on your home planet. Just kidding. There still should be some sort of mechanism that prevents players from taking over someone else's starting planet. By colonizing a new planet, new buildings and options are unlocked like a (specific) interplanetary teleporter (like the planetary equivalent of the bus station) and resource transfer between planets. Sorry if my ideas are a bit vague, but those are just my thoughts on this.

RE:More Rover Thoughts

2020-07-22 18:07:00
I think rovers should have an "exploration" function in the game. You know how when you start a game of Colony Wars, most of the map is blacked out and you can explore using your troops? I think rovers should have a similar role like that. In the beginning, you will only have a patch of explored land, but if you plan on making MC2 have an infinite map, then rovers would never fall out of use. Also, I think they should have a special button in their UI called "Explore", so that the rovers could just move around randomly and uncover new land. But that's just my thoughts.

RE:My voxel models so far, in a zipshell

2020-07-21 17:19:55
You've got great game art!

Earth & Cliffs

2020-07-21 17:18:34
I've noticed that a lot of you have talked about having cliffs and height differences in MC2. I think that's a good idea, but I also think that you should have the ability to create your own cliffs and mountains using a new resource called Earth (E). There are two ways to do this: First, use "bulldozer" or "backhoe" units to dig out existing ground and move it somewhere else, or create new soil in high tech mixing facilities to create more earth. I've added some building designs for earth production, even though MC2 will probably utilize different graphics.


Well, my scanner's broken, so I'll just list the buildings:

The mulch box: A basic 1*1 bin that uses bacteria to decompose food into soil.
On no-atmosphere planets, the mulch box will look different and have a metal covering around it to keep in oxygen. (Or maybe the bacteria could be anaerobic.) Supported civs: UE, LIS

A soil production facility: A 2*2 structure which combines food, water, bacteria, and ore in giant tanks and supercharges the bacteria with Rum. The input/output ratio for this building is much more efficient than the mulch box. Supported civs: UE, LIS

Quantum dirt synthesizer: It's amazing that ancient alien tech would be harnessed to do something as mundane as creating earth, but it has. This large 2*3 building combines Ant Paste and other stuff using the power of Software, Robots, and Artifacts to create massive amounts of new ground for the planet. Also produces research as the robots are constantly scanning the produced earth to make it more "real." Supported civs: UE, LIS

Chewing Pits: The Insectoid equivalent of the Mulch Box. Here, in this 2*2 pit, Insectoids gather to mine raw Ore and chew it, converting it into soil using their caustic mouth enzymes. However, it's difficult to find working-class Insectoids who can cope with the nasty flavor of plain Ore, so sugar is added to make it more palatable. Part of a complete breakfast. Supported civs: Zolarag Empire

Unholy chewing pits: Just a place where Insectoids are chewing sweetened Ore faster than the speed of light under the influence of Antaura. If you ever go in and see how fast the Insectoids are chewing, you'll think "No wonder the Zolarags banned Antaura. It really is unholy." Supported civs: Zolarag Empire

Teleporter Redirection Module: Of course, Reptilians could easily produce technology capable of creating synthetic soil, but their laziness created the Teleporter Redirection Module instead. Some planets out there are incapable of producing new earth due to insufficient resources, so their parent colonies send them envoys of soil through their star gates. However, recent studies have shown that up to 60% of all soil transports in the galaxy have been redirected to the Reptilians, so it's a win-win for them. Supporting civs: Alpha Draconis

So there are 6 new buildings for the banal task of soil production!

RE:Oxygen gameplay

2020-07-02 19:47:34
Sounds like a good idea! Whenever I've showed my friends a My Colony lunar base, they've always found it ludicrous that there are He-3 generators but the colonists still somehow have infinite oxygen. And on that subject, I think that some buildings should be able to produce oxygen as well as atmosphere and the air scrubber should also be able to produce oxygen. Also, maybe some of the water-producing buildings should use up oxygen in production, because, you know, H2O.

RE:Colony Wars Progress to v1.0.0 Thread

2020-06-30 21:57:02
Also I play from the browser.

RE:Colony Wars Progress to v1.0.0 Thread

2020-06-30 21:55:04
Mr. Stecklein, the "connect to IP" button doesn't work for me when I try to play multiplayer. Might there be any particular reason why?

RE:Scroll2d and the Future of Ape Apps

2020-06-10 21:06:51
Will colony .mcz files from My Colony be compatible with MC2 or do we have to start over?


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