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Antiquitas v1.31.0 Released

I bet people were not expecting this, but Antiquitas has just received a major update to v1.31.0, rolling in all code and engine updates from My Colony v1.19 - v1.30, which constitutes a lot of changes. The game has also been migrated over to it's own server and domain. So what all is new? Let's see!

The first major change is that the game has been migrated from Ape Web Apps over to it's own domain at There are two new URLs, the game server and stats pages are located at and the game itself is now hosted at Anybody who was using the Antiquitas PWA should uninstall the old and reinstall at the new locations. Players using the Ape Apps Launcher or a packaged distribution should not notice a difference.

A ton of bug fixes and QOL improvements have been added to the My Colony engine over the past year and a half since Antiquitas was updated, and it would be cumbersome to list them all out, but I will just mention a few of the major ones. Trade cooldown times have been reduced significantly, deportation related bugs have been corrected, encyclopedia entry sorting has been improved, the bulldozer will now sell buildings instead of just destroying them, charter code lengths have been increased to prevent collisions, colony statistics have been improved, technology can now be purchased using Ape Coins, new information window and fixes for the Alliances feature (federations in My Colony), etc.

In addition to the above, Antiquitas now has the in-game challenges feature!

For unfamiliar players, Challenges allow cities and alliances to compete against each other for resource production. Challenges will last for different timeframes, and players will earn trophies by completing. This feature gives players something to do who have already reached late game stages.

Antiquitas also now has the ability to offer premium structures in the way that My Colony does, although I do not have any planned at the moment. If there is interest from the players for Antiquitas premium structures, then I can see what I can do.

The downside to the update and migration is that all of the colony stats, including alliance infomation, was wiped from the server. There were so many server code changes from the last release to the current that it was not practical to migrate things over. I hope that this does not cause too much anger, but it should realistically be a one time deal, now that the code base between the two My Colony engine games is synchronized again for the first time in a long time.

So that is the new Antiquitas update, and I hope you all enjoy. The update is currently live on the Web and the Ape Apps Launcher, and should be hitting mobile and Steam by Monday or Tuesday. There are also come code fixes I noticed in this update that I need to port back over to the original My Colony, so that will be happening soon as well. So try it out, update your bookmarks, let me know what you think, and thanks for playing Antiquitas!


Antiquitas v1.29.0 Released

Antiquitas has just been updated to v1.29.0 and the patch should be hitting all platforms over the coming days. This update rolls up all of the performance and bug fix patches from My Colony updates v1.10.0, v1.11.0, and v1.12.0. In addition, it adds jailing and security capabilities to multiple buildings for each empire, addressing the issue from the previous update where Crime could not be controlled.

As with recent versions of My Colony, the native Desktop Client ( cannot be auto-updated from v1.28.0 to v1.29.0, so you will have to uninstall the previous version and re-download this update. This does not impact the Steam client or the Progressive Web App. This update also adds a native desktop client for Apple M1 processor (ARM) based macs.

Antiquitas v1.28.0 Released

Today I am putting the finishing touches on Antiquitas v1.28.0 and pushing it out to all platforms, and this probably the most significant update to the game since it first came out. As I was playing Antiquitas the other day, I thought ya know, gee. Why don't I just port the My Colony online server over to Antiquitas? So, that's what I did, and now we have Antiquitas: The Online Update!

If you are familiar with My Colony, the online experience for Antiquitas will be familiar to you. You are now able to start a new city in online mode, under the tutelage of another real life online player whose city has gained independence. That player will be able to help you get started and grow your civilization. Online global chat is also now enabled in the game, allowing players to communicate and help each other while they play.

The three Docks structures in the game have gained online resource trading capabilities. Building the docks will unlock the global online resource marketplace, where you can buy and sell resources with other players.

Every online city will also now gain it's own city website, located at Right now the website is loaded with My Colony references, as I basically just copied the My Colony website and made some conversions to support Antiquitas, but the site will be updated within the coming days.

Since the online feature does copy a lot of code from My Colony, I may have missed some My Colony references in the game, so let me know if you find things that are out of place.

Anyway, since there was so much code copy/pasting to get online working, I consider it somewhat experimental in this update, and the next update will clean up anything that is amiss. That said, I don't really expect a lot of problems, since the online code has been pretty well hashed out over a long history of My Colony updates, but we will see what happens.

So go ahead and give Antiquitas online a try, and stay tuned for more to come!

Antiquitas v1.26.0 Released

I have just put the finishing touches on Antiquitas v1.26.0, and the update should be hitting all platforms within the coming days. This is a major update which rolls up all features and bug fixes from the My Colony engine contained in MC patches v0.96.0, v0.97.0, v0.98.0, v0.99.0, v1.0.0, v1.1.0, and v1.2.0. Now, if you've followed My Colony, you know that there have been some major changes contained in those releases, and they are now hitting Antiquitas, so let's go over everything that's new!

Antiquitas v1.25.0 Released

The v1.25.0 patch for Antiquitas is now live and should be hitting all platforms within a couple of days. This update rolls up all of the bug fixes and engine updates from My Colony releases v0.90.0, v0.91.0, v0.92.0, v0.93.0, v0.94.0, and v0.95.0. Because of the sheer number of engine improvements in those My Colony releases, this is actually a fairly significant update for Antiquitas, so let's just highlight some of the things that are new.
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