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I'm rarely an amateur youtuber, more often I make a bad game that will never see the light of day, And I always don't know what I am doing.
its pizza time
4d ago
cool, I always like more human influence on alien tech rather than it just being alien stuff.
4d ago
it happened again, I bought robots ands plastic to fill my storages and its gone again
4d ago
I had anywhere from from tens of thousands to millions of some resources, but when I went to my capitol to check on gbt I noticed they were all, everything. hopefully the images provided below help, I did move between settlements

4d ago
The lander on forest world can start off on a tree, which cannot be bulldozed, the lander cannot deploy, be blown up or moved with move or parking.
5d ago
I have the same issue
5d ago
I like this idea, you could also have an even more powerful synthetic rubber plant, that still uses rubber as a precursor but requires forest world soil or magnetosphere or whatever to keep it exclusive to forest world.
you could also have an ether rubber tree farm allowing for an interesting combination of exclusive world resources
6d ago
what does the spice den do?
however, I do still agree that the spice worlds need the spice den to remain competitive in these trying times.
8d ago
then how do I get rid of it? I misplaced some. Place able objects and buildings that can't be deleted aren't good for city building games.
9d ago
I can't sell or bulldoze artificial grass, I am on a spice world if that helps any
9d ago
we just sold like starships and other high-value goods
2mo ago
Wow, this was a massive update, Good job bast!
5mo ago
A reduction to 90% is so nice, I can actually make some money now. And I cant wait for decay to eat the 400b bricks I have no room for. :)
10mo ago
Thank you, bastecklein!
10mo ago
A better challenge countdown or timer or whatever you want to call it would be nice.
11mo ago
I was trying to export a ground texture so I could use it as an aid for making my own textures. but when I tried accessing the file. it is not only won't open but is also 0 bytes in size
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I use the Ape apps launcher version of my colony (V. 1.22)
OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.19044 Build 19044
specs (if it matters) Ryzen 5 5600x, 40gb of ram, MSI B450 Tomahawk Max(v. 7C02v3D) Yeston rx 5700xt, Adata 256gb nvme SSD (boot drive), 1 1tb Seagate drive, 2 4tb Seagate drive, 1 14tb Seagate drive.

11mo ago
I can't wait for 1.22, even if this means I have to 'actually pay' my people. fairs fair, If I want the cool "octagon" then I must give up being 'such' an evil dictator. Also I will spend every cent I have buying those premium buildings, too. :)
11mo ago


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