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2019-11-10 23:39:24
The commonwealth of ~New Waffilia~ is accepting embassies for our collection!

Send embassies to UmYgfqt7!

Btw I have a lot of "The Sunrise" so If you want to be unique you can send something else! Only send what you can really afford

RE:Adeptus Mechanicus Headquarters of Mars

2019-11-10 23:34:31
This commonwealth has an embassy with the best commonwealth,
My commonwealth, ~New Waffilia~ send me embassies for my embassy collection!!


My colony Galatic Board of Trade fixes/changes HUGE PROBLEM

2019-11-06 21:00:30
On mobile (and maybe other devices) the box with autotrade doesn't have a labor for weather or not it's enabled or disabled, this is (probably) because the name for some of the resources is too long example: Alien Artifacts, and so it pushes all the other text downward which pushes the enabled/disabled button outside of the box and then it becomes invisible (Only some resources (with long names) have this problem) Please make a way to minimize/change the size of the text OR make a button that turns off all autotrades for the resources, I also think it would be nice if you could view your grades that you have put out and have a way to remove the ones that haven't been bought yet, also a list of contracts you have bought in the past few days would be nice too.

Anyways, auto-trade keeps making contracts for titanium (which I don't use much) and so I've lost a lot of money and civics because of this and I don't know when the auto-trade is On or not (also it's making contracts for resources that have autographs turned off)

$500,000,000,000 worth of starships lost on a GBT trade-please help

2019-11-04 22:41:39
My main colony owned by: (KingPenguin5005) colony name: (New Waffilia) (Independent) charger code: (UmYgfqt7) I put out a GBT trade: 100 starships being sold for the base price, and when I got the "gift" (The money) it said, "your starship contract sold" so I clicked it to redeem it but, nothing happened, I lost $500,000,000,000 (500 Billion) because of this, people said wait 5 mins and re-log-in but no matter what I did I never got the money back :(


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