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I like not typing because typing isn't a good idea for me. When I start typing I usually don't stop. I'm not sure why but that's why I avoid typing in the "about me" sections in profiles. So I'll stop there. Do you want to know why I type alot in about me sections? Yes? Okay. I was walking down the hallway one day and I was struck with a realisation. I liked to type. I couldn't get enough of typing and I was spending 14.6 seconds a day typing. Then the counselor at pur school said
"You need to stop not having the proper materials for having the maybe not proper probably having the means to probably maybe not do it"
I said
But I secretly did it.
Then the FBI broke down my door, they started screaming and arresting my 78 and a half cats, then I shouted back and they pointed their rifles at me. I showed them a web article that I typed showing my rights. Then they realised their mistake and left.
I lost all 78 cats but Still have my half a cat.The FBI encounter scares me to DEATH, so I started avoiding all about me sections and started not typing in them when I see them.
Wait a minute.
Is this.
It is.


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December 13th, 2017
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