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Brandon Stecklein (bastecklein) is the creator, owner, and principal developer of Ape Apps. He started the business back in 2010 and operates it out of Spring Hill, Kansas.
#1 2018-07-14 15:25:30
Those who have been long time followers of my work may remember my old development blog at, which at one time had a pretty good following. It ran on a WordPress server, and at one point about three years ago (or so), I somehow ended up crashing the server while trying to install some extensions. After messing with it for a bit, I ended up getting discouraged and just closing out the site.

Since that time, I have had several people ask me over email and Twitter if I ever had plans on resurrecting my old development blog. I really have no intention or desire of spinning up another server and opening back up, but I do realize that some people are interested in knowing what I am working on. This became even more evident after the positive responses I received from the Ape Apps mailing list newsletter I sent out recently.

Therefore, I am going to be utilizing my "wall" here on as the new home of my development blog, and will soon be redirecting all requests to to this location. I will update this probably a couple of times per month with information on what I am working on, or what is going on in general. Things that are more "announcement" or Ape Apps specific will be posted to the official Ape Apps Blog, and this blog will contain items of a more personal nature.
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#2 2018-07-31 04:03:14
Thanks for your information
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