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dimensions of buildings on united earth colony little guide to fill those empty tiles

2x3 = 2 tiles left, 3 tiles right
*sorted by dimensions then alphabetically

this list is created for those cases when you have empty tiles in your colony's ground plan, but don't know what to place there

1 x 1
adult daycare
advanced research lab
advanced small research lab
alien solar tower
ancient alien condenser
ancient alien gold synthesis
ant paste synthesizer
antanium synthesis lab
arcade center
atmosphere condenser
blue house
charcoal burner
charcoal compactor
charcoal converter
charcoal factory
charcoal huf
community pub
diamond crystal reactor
diamond solar tower
fir trees
first aid station
gift shop
gold synthesis lab
helium 3 tank
helium nanomine
integrated medical clinic
internet relay booth
jewelry store
large atmosphere generator
large medical clinic
large silo
medical clinic
medium atmosphere generator
nanite infusion clinic
nano clinic
oil tank
old electronics chop shop
ore synthesis lab
ore zapper
quantum distillery
quantum food storage
quantum oil tank
regolith compactor
regolith furnace
rum cellar
small atmosphere generator
small helium 3 extractor
small research lab
small security station
small server building
small software studio
small solar panel
small water pump
solar road
solar tower
subterranean food storage
transcendent medical clinic
transmission hub
uranium silo
water extractor
water tank
water tower
water well
green house, residents 7
wood hut, residents 2
brick house, residents 6
single farm house, residents 6
yellow house, residents 7

1 x 2
blue residential complex, residents 26, rotates
blue residential tower, residents 1150, rotates
civic center, rotates
greenhouse, rotates
integrated civic center, rotates

1 x 3
imperial propaganda office, rotates
official news station, rotates
synthetic textile mill, rotates
textile mill, rotates

2 x 1
gold refinery, rotates
hipster bar, can’t rotate
obsidian furnace, rotates
pottery works, can’t rotate
residential complex, residents 26, rotates
residential tower, residents 1100, rotates
small server farm operation, rotates
small trash pit, can’t rotate

2 x 2
advanced hydroponics center
advanced medical research center
advanced robotics inc
advanced synthetic oil lab
alien power tower
aluminum generator
aluminum refinery
atmosphere scrubber
brick factory
bureau of bureaucracy
center for artificial learning
charcoal pile
colonimulation hub
durable goods warehouse
fine arts warehouse
giorgio institute for alien research
gold mint
gravitational compression warehouse
green dome
integrated aluminum generator
investment bank
it studio complex
large helium 3 tank
large water tower
larger server building
lumber mill
medium recycling center
monument of heroes
obelisk of colonial independence
potato patch
presidential statue
quantum warehouse
quantum water tower
raw materials depot
regional bussing authority
research converter
robot factory
security precinct hq
security station
small recycling center
small casino
small community college
small elementary school
small high school
steel yard
subterranean charcoal cavern
synthetic diamond laboratory
synthetic oil lab
tall brick warehouse
tech office building
traintanium refinery
transcendent academy
transcendent triantanium generator
vertical warehouse farm

2 x 3
advanced ore refinery, rotates
ancient alien ore refinery, rotates
bacteria farm, can’t rotate
conference hall, rotates
hotel, can’t rotate
larger residential complex, residents 3000, rotates
lumber yard, can’t rotate
ore fracking operation, rotates
ore refinery, rotates
large residential complex, residents 320 rotates

2 x 5
advanced cloning facility, rotates
cloning facility, rotates

3 x 1
house of horror, can’t rotate

3 x 2
galactic stock exchange, rotates
nanite factory, rotates

3 x 3
center for relic studies
department of advanced fish mating studies
hydrogen reactor
landing pad
medical hospital
oil plant
small hospital
star gate
the lander of liberty
wheel factory

3 x 4
advanced microchip factory, rotates
ancient alien microchip factory, rotates
fish hatchery, rotates
microchip factory, rotates
space port, can’t rotate

3 x 5
advanced clothing sweatshop, rotates
clothing sweatshop, rotates
galactic board of trade, can’t rotate
toy sweatshop, can’t rotate

4 x 2
big playhouse, can’t rotate
statue of unbridled excess, can’t rotate

4 x 3
advanced plastic factory, can’t rotate
alien plastic factory, rotates
artificial sweetner factory, rotates
auntie belles cupcake factory, rotates
autie belles cupcake factory, rotates
food processing sweatshop, can’t rotate
hall of congress, can’t rotate
hipster lofts, residents 400, not rotates
large resort, can’t rotate
megamart, rotates
plastic factory, can’t rotate
supermarket, rotates

4 x 4
alien enrichment facility
luxury tower, residents 200
nuclear reactor
quantum nuclear reactor
uranium enrichment facility
subterranean housing module, residents 1000
arcology, residents 10000
fantasy land arcology, residents 16000

5 x 5
archaeological dig site
ether tree farm
tree farm
ultra deep dig site

6 x 6
pyramid of the all seeing eye
sheep farm

7 x 2
galactic freight, can’t rotate
mass driver, rotates
space elevator, can’t rotate

8 x 8

9 x 4
capitol, rotates

9 x 9
large park

10 x 10
outdoor shopping mall

10 x 6
advanced ship yard, rotates
ship yard, rotates

12 x 12
star port

1mo ago
1) save colony
2) return to region
3) save colony (when in region map)
4) setting (in region map) > statistics > game data > backup copy
2mo ago
thank you for detailed answer.

to all the players who face the same problem

for opening the region on other device or browser:
1) backup copy of the region
2) transfer/copy that file (on device where your game is)
3) restore a region (on that device)

again, thank you bastecklein
3mo ago
just to clarify.

played free version of the game.
bought premium on the phone
played region.
on the phone region works.
on the browser on the phone, opens only free game.
on the pc version, i transferred saved region file on pc.
so on pc, there is a region, but it wont open - loads forever.
on the browser version on pc, opens only free game.

everywhere i first sign on.
premium upgrade registered after 2-3 days.
region works only on game installed on the phone & nowhere else.
would *.avk or *.amk file help?
3mo ago
just saw emajl thing. will try that.
3mo ago
i bought premium on android phone.
when i try to play it on another device or browser it says: no premium upgrade.
i can't even load the game i started after premium upgrade.
3mo ago
this is primary directed to game administrators or bastecklein.

bought premium.
created region on the phone.
when playing on the pc, says: no premium.
when playing on browser, no region.
i can load only the game i played before i bought premium.

so premium works only on my phone.
everywhere else is literally: i didn't pay for the game & didn't play after

copied backup of the region city from phone to pc.
didn't work.
just the message "attempting to restore backup" loops forever.
3mo ago
in defense of gold refinery
cost to build 2000 ore & 80 steel
if you sell it, you get $850 & 30 steel
so it's great source of money at the start of the game
5mo ago
itsLiseczeq said:The reason that it was building for so long is that you need more than 1 builder. To send gifts you need a mass driver, or an equivalent

i'm not commenting lag on phone. 6000 drones build already 5 converters before, so I was expecting that.
my issue is with inability so send gifts while playing on win10 version on pc
6mo ago
first, i dont know if this is bug or not.
played latest updated version on the phone
start building larger buildings - research converter, shipyard
game was lagging (converter took 14h to build)

so started playing, same game, on pc, win10
everything worked great except one thing
in chat, i couldnt send gifts to people

is it a bug, or am i doing something wrong?
when i left_click on the player name, nothing happens
couldnt find any related topic.
6mo ago
. /"My Colony" thing worked like a charm.
7mo ago
josip0101v said:
bastecklein said:You can also get it via the Ape Apps Launcher on Linux, see this thread for setup instructions:

thank you basteckklein. i'll try that.

sorry, typing on mobile sucks.
7mo ago
bastecklein said:You can also get it via the Ape Apps Launcher on Linux, see this thread for setup instructions:

thank you basteckklein. i'll try that.
7mo ago
you can download game for different os.
including linux.
i think i saw few wrote that they play the on some linux distros.
how do they do that?
7mo ago
installed linux mint on old laptop.
tried to install one on my favourite mobile games.
downloaded, extracted files.
as linux newbie, googled how to install the game. no results.
tried some general install tips.
failed miserably.
i'll appreciate any info.
7mo ago


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