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therealchromedino said:
josip0101v said:way to monetize development of this game could be that new update with new tech or buildings cost some $, but after like 2-3 months they become free. then maybe new game update can roll on...

but please, fix saves 1st

josip, I am afraid that I will have to disagree on this. I personally, as a game designer, think that this would be harder to code in, and adds a pay to win aspect. Bast has specifically said that the limited building appearances are not a pay to win thing. This would defeat the purpose of it.

I however have my own suggestion: Add community contests for limited building appearances. This will get the community involved, and I predict that it would cause the community to have a positive reception, therefore increasing limited building appearance sales.

Please, bast, anything but what josip just said... That would cripple Terra Nova and countless others.

With regards,

Dino, Emperor of Terra Nova.

Also, I am working on some rough spriting on possible Internet Relay Booth upgrades, which should add a viable option for late-game entertainment, as these upgrades would go on into nanotech. Off topic, but just wanted to say.

i think you misunderstood what i was proposing.
you 1st offer new tech or buildings or something else for xy ape coins.
  • same thing appears now every now & then, btw.
but when new update comes to turn, it will be included for free. you just pay to get it few months before that.

i dont see how it - would cripple terra nova and countless others -.
1mo ago
i thought the point of the market is to sell or export stuff that you can make, to buy or import stuff that you cant.
for bigger colonies - thats export stuff to import stuff.
smaller colonies dont trade much, coz it costs civics, & they need them.
bigger colonies dont trade coz most of the stuff they have to trade, others have too.

now for the players that prefer to build colony on their own, without outside help, stuff becomes impossible to get, now the import is dead.

i dont know the point of this?
do you prefer beggars over traders?

prices you fixed when you caped min max percentage.
getting rid of import / export doesnt make sense.

its like getting tired of cutting toenails every once in a while, so you cut your legs off.

p***t 19:**:29
anyone with robot to sell please ?

is this future of this game? begging? even begging to trade?
1mo ago
removal of import/export time delay - moved more than a few prices to their max
making import / export worthless, will drive all prices to a 0
& whats the point of developing your colony then?
1mo ago


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