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I found another bug in the Fire Stick version of Gone Rogue. The Kill Zombies for Brunphstan quest can't be accepted or dismissed. I'm going to start a new game and see if it happens again.

Update -- The quest window still appears even after starting a new game. A persistent bug.
5y ago
Also, I tried Gone Rogue too (version 0.15 I think), and it has the same problem with the cropped screen edge that I mentioned with Level Up. For example, you can't see your health bar on the main Gone Rogue screen. In addition, on the status page, there's a scroll bar on the right side, but no way that I can see to use it, which means I can't scroll down.

Are there other players who play these games with the Fire Stick?

Update: I solved the screen cropping issue -- turning off overscan on my TV fixed the problem. I still haven't been able to access the scroll bar.
5y ago
Version 2.17 has been in effect for a while, but I still don't see how to access the vendor's inventory, or how to buy items from him using the Fire Stick. The vendor seems to be represented by a "Y" and some gold coins next to it in the bottom right of my screen, but no key on my Fire Stick corresponds to "Y". (As opposed to "A" being next to a play symbol, which obviously means the play button is for the main attack.)

Could you tell me what key(s) I need to press to access the traders? It would also be a good idea to include that info in the control instructions as well, which provides no guidance for this situation. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here....

Update: I finally figured out that from the Inventory page, the "up" key eventually gives access to the vendor's inventory (and then back to the regular inventory). So that issue is resolved.
5y ago
That would be awesome! Do you know when the next update will roll out? If you're short on Fire Stick players and there's any testing you need done, please let me know.
5y ago
Hi - I've just started playing Level Up via my new Amazon Fire Stick remote, and I can't figure out how to view the vendor inventory and buy items. I'm able to sell items no problem. Can someone let me know what key sequence I need to use to get to the vendor inventory when the vendor is already in front of me?

Also, I've noticed the edges of the game are cut off on my TV screen, so I can't see how much gold I have, or the last row of my inventory. I'm not sure if this is a game issue, or a TV/Fire Stick display issue (I haven't tried looking for a game mode on my TV yet), but I thought I'd ask.
5y ago


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