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I am on an iPhone XS, iOS 12.4.1 and I think the most up to date version of MyColony.

When I try to open up my saved game the load screen comes up and just spins for a long time. I haven’t timed it out, but I’d guess up to five minutes. It is an XL map, but I’ve got just 2000 colonists, and no excess of buildings, and I don’t think there’s too many Rovers. Just not sure what my problem might be.
2y ago
I purchased the Premium upgrade for MyColony through my iPhone, but it isn’t showing up for My Colony under my Ape Apps profile.

I still get access to it on my iPhone when I log on, just not seeing it link to my Ape Apps profile.

3y ago
That’s the rub, I guess, cause the AL Gen only makes 4 Al/min at max running. Med Recycling center makes some too, from trash, but it’s slow going and playing on mobile, means I can’t exactly sit and let the engine just run to generate.
4y ago
Hey, I’m active duty military, and have to regularly deploy without WiFi, so I thought this game was an amazing find!

I have a question, then, about the offline resource selling through the Space Elevator, etc. how quickly do the prices move back towards the baseline? Without being able to play online (and thus unable to request rare resources from Charter-mates) buying stuff like aluminum on the black market or space elevator gets incredibly difficult.

I curious about how those prices change, and if there’a a way to accelerate the reversion to baseline prices?

Thanks all. Loving this game.
4y ago


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