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was just building a bunch of advanced robo factories and all of a sudden construction stops. im like ok maybe a resource is low. turns out 5t money just disappeared. gone. thought ok maybe i used it i build a whole medium city today so almost makes sense. so i sell some obsidian for another 5t money. 2 minutes later, gone. i thought okay maybe its servers lagging or something and give it a few minutes to fix itself. nothing. give it a restart and bam, whole medium city gone. not so mad about money or resources but i spent a few good hours planning and building the medium city. want to at least know why it disappeared
1y ago
and now im starting to get a problem where none of my buildings are producing anything but they all have workers and energy to support them.
6y ago
so recently ive unlocked quantum buildings and alien tech, so ive built a few aluminum generators and quantum distillery buildings but they arent producing. Ive tried deactivating and reactivating but nothing has worked.
I'm on windows 10 V0.43.0
I'd love to know how to fix this.
6y ago


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